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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dog tired

I have singularly failed to muster the enthusiasm to blog lately, despite the emergence of several incidents/occurrences that excite me sufficiently to want to record them. Since today is not really any better –in fact I’m almost falling asleep right now – I’ll keep this short.

Cricket’s started again. I am unfit (may be a contributing factor in my ongoing lethargy crisis). On the weekend I played a very ordinary game and couldn’t really get too excited that I wasn’t doing better. I attribute this mystifying loss of obsessive interest to the ridiculous decision to make me the team captain on the basis of my willingness to organise things. Why on earth would anyone want to look to me for decisions on batting orders or field placements? Those things are impenetrable arcana to me. Sigh. We lost, of course, though not by much and probably not solely due to my uninspired leadership.

What, is the real world not good enough for you?

Lately I’ve been tinkering (for which you should read “obsessing mildly”) with a new online world game called Project Entropia, after reading about a player paying US$100,000 for the ownership rights of a virtual space station (which isn’t quite as insane as it sounds – he’ll be able to make real money off the investment).. The game has an interesting business model – it’s free to download and play, but your character starts with nothing but the clothes on his back and some extremely limited (and boring/painstaking/arduous) means of independently raising cash. The alternative is to buy in-game cash for real world money, at a rate of 10 pixie bucks for 1 American greenback. Accumulate a sufficiently large supply of pixie bucks, and one can convert them back into real world cash (for only slightly exorbitant transfer fees). It is, in theory, possible to play indefinitely without spending real money (and a number of players at least claim to have done so) but in reality the lure of being able to do the interesting stuff in the game (which requires equipment) soon overcomes the virtuous tedium of doing it the hard way. Luckily for me, I made friends with some nice people who gave me some entry-level mining gear, so I’m keeping my virtual head above water in the game through prospecting.

Yes, it’s more fun than it sounds. But probably not that much more fun.

Things I am not doing at the moment:

  • Sleeping properly
  • Fending off a variety of external problems for Project Porkpie
  • Calming down about the so-called “WorkChoice” IR laws
  • Successfully feigning disinterest in Australia’s World Cup prospects (though I am gleefully and mischievously willing to ascribe all success to date to John Safran’s curse-busting)
  • Inking that Spit cover design I drew last week
  • Learning to play piano
  • Failing to recognise the genius of Johnathon Coulton - listen to Skullcrusher Mountain. Now. I implore you.
  • Rushing out to buy a copy of The Movies, a new PC game that combines Hollywood mogul studio management antics with the production of dodgy animated features. Omigod it's like they reached right inside my head and plucked out the top item from my secret hindbrain wish list (well, after "make money from writing bad first draft novels and dubious novelty songs"! But luckily for me it's eighty bucks, and I can probably resist spending cash on yet another timesink obsession...

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Oh My God did the Socceroos give anyone else a new crop of grey hair? I confined myself to the shed so I didn't inflict my emotional trauma on my family. 2 hours of near misses and heart attacks and then a bloody penalty shoot-out! Thank god for the huge right hand of the keeper, Schnauzer or whoever he is!
Can't believe we are going to a World Cup, almost enough to make me strap on the big boots again.

By Versache, at 2:50 PM  

*sigh* feel much empathy for your lack of enthusiasm...much happening but can not seem to force myself to act upon it....mayhaps its something in the air?

By jinx, at 5:19 PM  

I understand most of the MMORPG in Korea are organised like that- free to play, but you buy everything in the game with real money...

By Dr. Clam, at 7:52 AM  

The secondary market (buying game items with rl money) can destroy a lot of games.

One of the major asian MMO's is Lineage and Lineage 2. Lineage 2 has a rep as a pretty good game (if a huge grind) but the secondary market has apparently destroyed it.

Some game developers have 'opted in' and now factor the secondary market into the game economy and try to have an official source for buying and selling. Some reject it completely.

In my opinion, it's like playing Monopoly and paying the other players to let you have Mayfair.


By Anonymous, at 5:28 PM  

Re: workchoice IR laws I still can't believe the "fairwear" campaign has broad popular appeal see my posting:


By Marco, at 11:51 AM  

Link to ----> fairwear rant

By Marco, at 11:56 AM  

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