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Friday, January 06, 2006

On blogging

Itís a diverting enough exercise when thereís time to do it. For me, blogging serves a range of purposes, from straight diary-style recording of the dayís events, to capture and distribution of amusements and information, to passive and usually futile prompts for conversation on whatever topic happens to be bugging me, to uninformed and usually unwarranted complaints and/or rants railing against the iniquities of life or At least the irritant of the moment.

I sometimes forget that for several people, itís also the only source of information on whether I am, in fact, alive. The art of regular correspondence being a dead one, as far as Iím usually concerned, the sole reassurance that many of my scattered friends and colleagues have of my ongoing corporeality is the (very occasional) reward they get for going to the effort of clicking on that Lexifabricographer link in their bookmarks.

So for the surprising number (i.e. more than one) of correspondents who enquired after my health, having noted the unprecedented lack of blogging in recent epochs, thank you kindly for your well wishes and rest assured that all is well and I am still of this mortal coil.

I am, of course, still quite lazy.

Since the end of the holidays, it has by turns been either too hot to want to bother with typing or too dramatic to spare the time for catching up. Iíll try to fill in some of the details over the course of today, so expect lots of little snippets rather than the usual mass of semi-organised information. Or amusement. Whichever.

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It's always good to know you're still alive.

I really oughta get my A into G and you know, call you sometime, or write a letter.

Hey, so should YOU!

By Blogger polly, at 1:16 PM  

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