Even the mundanity of Lexifab beats this!
If this is content, let's stick to the headers.
I crave your praise and condemnation is equal parts! Is anyone else writing something good?

Blame these guys!

It's done.

I started this bastard wretch of a novel more than 10 months ago as part of National Novel Writing Month and it's been a big, fat, incoherent albatross hanging over me ever since. But it's done now (not quite to the deadline I set myself, but not too far off). Or at least, the first draft is. I'm going to take a break from it and write something else for a while. The second draft will be a complete rewrite - a lot better planned and perhaps (I hope) a satisfying read. Expect it someday, under a different name that I should have realised was perfect about six months ago.

"Bard Wars" (first draft)

Chapter 1: Chapter 2:

Chapter 3: Chapter 4:

Chapter 5: Chapter 6:

Chapter 7: Chapter 8:

Chapter 9: Chapter 10:

Chapter 11: Chapter 12:

Chapter 13: Chapter 14:

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