Role Playing Games

Dave's most successful and interesting characters include:
  • The colourful and eccentric transvestite, Madame de la Bomba, who enjoyed a successful career as a street performer in 19th century France, until "her" life was plunged into sudden and tragic adventure when "she" mistakenly thought it would be interesting to take a holiday upon the Orient Express.

  • The Vampire Viscount Argot De'ath, who had a pronounced fascination with constructing Oubliettes of Orribleness to torment his enemies with, or indeed to test on unsuspecting passers-by.

  • Achtung Mierdrebung, an action hero and swashbuckler extraordinaire. Although Mierdrebung was reputed to have a heart of gold, it was well hidden, as evidenced by the untimely and thoroughly suspicious deaths of 27 of his various adventuring colleagues. Although only 23 of these are directly attributable to the actions of Mierdrebung, of the other 4, three are only speculated to be the reknowned adventurer's reponsibility, and the last remains under debate.