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April 29, 2006

Sleep is the enemy

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Well, apparently my brain thinks so at any rate. Made what appears to have been a mistake in going to bed at a reasonable hour last night to catch up on my sleep, and now it’s not even light, I’ve been wide awake for two hours and I’ve finally given away all hope of returning to blissfull unconsciousness. Stupid brain.

Some random extra thoughts on New Salisbury characters behind the curtain, so if you’re not interested, skip it.


April 28, 2006

Characters for New Salisbury

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I’m tired, and I haven’t done nearly as much this week as I feel like I ought, but whatever.

After the cut are all the rules and details necessary for making characters for the New Salisbury game. Feel free to make up some PC’s that fit with the setting as described. If they have secrets you’d rather not share with other people who might play the game, feel free to post me something via email. If you have any questions, put them in comments and I’ll answer them for all to see.
I’m still not sure when I’ll run this, but it will probably be no more frequently than once a fortnight. If you’re interested, let me know, please. I think I’ll want about three players, but I don’t have that many yet, so if you’re reading this, you’re officially on the invitation list. If you don’t want to (or don’t have time to) play, feel free to send me any crazy ideas or fiendish suggestions… (more…)

April 23, 2006

Lurch time

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By the way, if anyone is going to this fine public event, please take photos.

Games I would like to play

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I’ve got some general information on the New Salisbury game tucked away behind the “more” link below. Anyone who reads this blog and has an internet connection can play, although I might restrict the game to three players until I have some idea of how to do the technical stuff. We’ll work out details like a schedule and internet tools once we know who’s playing and where they live.

April 20, 2006

A very geeky Easter

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In celebration of my new geekery tag, I will herein list a few of the things that have excited and inspired me over the past few days, for your edification and/or complete mystification:

  • New Doctor Who – The second season of the all-new, all breakneck-paced shininess that is Doctor Who launched in the UK over the Easter weekend, and naturally our Scientific Advisors were poised over a hot matrix to snaffle it for immediate consumption. Without spoiling, it was a fairly typical fast-paced, slightly incoherent episode from producer/writer Russell T. Davies elevated by exuberant performances from leads Billie Piper and David Tennant, in his first regular-season appearance as the Doctor (discounting, if you will permit, the between-seasons Christmas special regeneration story). It was, you know, pretty entertaining but not all that memorable, although certain scenes will probably prove worthy of revisiting as they foreshadow the ‘season arc’ plot.

    As usual, they included a ‘next week on Doctor Who‘ teaser trailer – and I think it will be honestly impossible for any hour of television to live up to the ridiculously gleeful sense of expectation that this 15 seconds of television has inspired in me. I will say no more until after the event, except to assert my breathless excitement.

  • The Room with no Doors – Queen of Who fandom Kate Orman recently put copies of some of her books on eBay, and I’ve snaffled her first offering of The Room with No Doors. I always read ChrisT’s copies of the New Adventures rather than collecting them myself, but the last few novels in that series – set in the dying days of the seventh Doctor – always made me wish I’d collected them after all. It was a time when the novels were the focus of DW fandom, and taking a direction that inspired and excited me into actually participating in that fandom (feel free to Google up some of the stray rec.arts.drwho round-robin fanfiction which some author of the same name as me churned out in that period). I soured on DW fandom after a few years – it’s as bitchy and factionalised and elitist as any collection of people is apt to be, and it wears you down after a while – but I’m still a big fan of the authors I liked back then (Kate, Paul Cornell, Lance Parkin, a couple of others).

    TRWND is my favourite of Kate’s books, and reading it again has really brought back the pleasure of that time, both in terms of the fiction and (the good bits of) the fandom. Plus I was able to persuade her and hubby Jon Blum to sign it as members of The Girlfriends, the weekend band they play in with Andrew and Anna. So I’m only two members away from having the first-ever full set of autographs, guaranteed to be worth a small fortune when they become famous and popular!

  • Traveller – A thread on RPG.net discussing the virtues of old-skool Traveller, complete with minimalist setting information and characters who can die while you’re rolling them up, has got my pondering whether I shouldn’t go out to the garage and bust out the old black box set for some traditional sci-fi gaming. But then I remember that I’m supposed to be designing something for my voice-over-internet game, and I struggle not to become distracted.

    Sigh. As always, this is my problem. I no sooner start talking about or running a game using one system and setting than I become distracted either by the Next Big Thing, and my interest in whatever I’m doing at the moment starts to wane. I need focus, godammit!

  • Internet gamingMister the ChrisT has gone to an extraordinary googling effort to find additional resources to facilitate my internet gaming plans. There are some extraordinarily sophisticated tools out there, with voice and written chat and hidden maps and automatic dice rollers, and so forth. Alas, most of them are largely or strictly aligned towards D20, a system which I will happily employ for a limited range of play types, none of which I am currently contemplating to run. There are some intriguing options, though, including Ghostorb, an application/organisation which – if I am reading their information correctly – not only facilitates online play but is also actively recruiting professional game moderators! As in, you apply for the job, and they test you, interview you and consult your referees regarding your qualifications! (Mind you, it doesn’t look like a real living wage or anything, but the fact that this employment model can exist at all outside of idle daydreams is remarkable enough). I’m sorely tempted to become a member just to see whether they can actually back up what they appear to be claiming. Not that I’m looking for a new job, you understand… 

The Geek Life

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((This blog entry may contain trace elements of content, indetectable without highly calibrated equipment.))

I’m adding a “Geekery” tag to the Lexifab categories, because some things I get excited about are not games of some kind. These are the kinds of vital editorial decisions that I am forced to make every single day as a responsible and influential luminary of the blogosphere.

Wellbeing Update

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Fiona’s recovering well. She is regaining a bit of mobility every day and might actually be able to stand up by herself by the end of the week. In the meantime she is devouring her surprisingly comprehensive Dick Francis library and making the grievous error of watching things that make her laugh, like Notting Hill and Jimbo. Laughing still hurts, so exposure to Jimbo at the moment is even less advisable than usual.

April 18, 2006

Back at work

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Came in late today, have run around dealing with small problems and plan to leave early.

I’m too tired to think about whether I have a point to make here…

April 15, 2006

Home camping

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The doctor said Fiona could go home yesterday, which was a relief. Because she’s not able to lift herself up or move around particularly comfortably, and therefore can’t do stairs or  get herself out of the water bed, we’ve set her up on a mattress in the lounge room. And because she still needs help standing up, we’ve set me up on a mattress in the lounge room as well. Not too close, because we don’t want to risk me rolling over and elbowing her in the stomach or anything. But close enough to leap up and render assistance as required.
Last night was the best night’s sleep either of us have had in weeks. Thank goodness it’s all over bar the four or five weeks of healing.

April 13, 2006

Another word from the wards

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Fiona’s making good progress. She’s able to get up and move around, though probably not unassisted yet. She hadn’t managed to eat anything before I left yesterday afternoon, but that was expected. Hopefully she’ll be able to come hom tomorrow – I guess we’ll know by the end of today.

In other news, our toaster blew a sprocket or something. It’s buggered. Fried. Toast. Whatever. The point is that this happened just before the Easter long weekend. This is a tragedy of unparalled proportions. Four days at home without toast is…is…well, there aren’t words hyperbolic enough to describe what we’re all going through right now.

Send toast. Please.

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