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May 31, 2006

Narrow window

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This is the only few minutes I will have today to write a blog entry. The rest has been completely blocked out with meetings. Yes, I could be using this time to write an email to certain high level managers telling them that the recommendation that they emphatically rejected a couple of weeks ago has been accepted against their advice by their Branch Head, but I think I’ll take out a bit of time for myself instead.

It turns out that Simon is also planning to come to Europe. And that, now that I come to think about it, the start of August is only eight weeks away. And that there may be some skiing before then. Rock!

Dad got here yesterday. he is now jetlagged, because time, not to mention the temperature, works differently in Canberra. Hopefully he should be good by the time we rock up at Gazza and Son’s for a massive party* on Friday night.

* = quiet, decorous dinner get-together.

May 30, 2006

The plans have advanced

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We are now definitely going to Europe in August. And we are *probably* passing out drunkenly on the floor of Alix and Dave’s place at least once. I trust you kids have a local with respectably Irish beer?

Before that, Evan’s coming to visit. In addition to Bringing The Rock, as he is wont to do, he will also be heading up a perilous expedition into the high country to sample the delights of heavily combed runs and apres-exertion schnapps. This is action I will somehow contrive to get in on, you betcha.

In other news, Dad should be just about making his way to the departure gates in Brisbane as I type this. I will therefore shortly be ditching work in order to get out to the airport and meet him (though he’s going home with Ian, Sonnie and Flynn first). Yay for family get togethers!


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I’ve just spent the entire morning analysing all the screwups in my corner of the finance system and painstakingly detailing how they can be fixed. Then I bundled them into a polite email and sent it to the Finance Section, who are understaffed and overworked and have no chance of attending to the two or three days worth of work contained therein. I know there is no hope that these in-theory-essential tasks will be completed before the system closedown at the end of financial year (about two weeks from now).

Completely pointless effort, in other words. And yet if I don’t do it, inevitably down the line, someone will get around to asking why this particular project’s finances are such a dog’s breakfast. Since I don’t especially want them to think that I could possibly be responsible for such disarray, I must have a shiny excuse polished up and ready to distract them.

Yes, I am totally covering my own arse.

For James, who asked a question…

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I’ve put the list of links in the comments of the entry from 20 April. Most of them would be perfectly servicable for D20 games – only a few would be any use if you’re using another system. And Ghostorb appears to be a completely different animal, albeit an intriguing one.

May 29, 2006

List of stuff to do:

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  • Dad – Dad will be flying down tomorrow night for a week or so’s visit. We don’t have much planned, beyond visiting cousin Jen’s exhibition at the National Museum and dinner on Friday night, but it will be wonderful to just spend some time with him. Seeing the folks is a rare treat these days.
  • Europe – Fiona and I are planning to take a month off for a European tour in August. We are still tentatively planning it around a particular (Secret!) event which may or may not actually be taking place, but whether it does or not, we’re going. If you happen to live or work somewhere in Europe, drop me a bell at dave at otherleg dot com and we’ll meet up and drink beer somewhere ancient and cool.
  • New Salisbury – My Voice-over-internet roleplaying game hasn’t started yet, mainly due to my own lack of enthusiasm for anything fun, but also because only Herr Fellows has shown interest. Well, the hell with it, I’m starting it anyway. Although since I might just have to work around Dad’s visit, evenings being the only time I can see him or run a game, it will probably have to wait until next week. I still have to decide what tools to use (Chris, are you on Skype? Can you run it? I’d rather use that than Teamspeak as in my recent experience Skype has better sound quality and chat tools, but I’m still open on that), but I’m keen to go. My enthusiasm levels for more roleplaying are starting to well up again, so this might just be the tip of the iceberg. I’ll do some more thinking about that and post more on the subject later.
  • Spit – A couple of weeks ago when I was really feeling disconnected (failed my Reality check, probably. That can happen in the Near Now) there was a flurry of emails between the various Spit members about a couple of new projects for the band. I need to dig those up and do some work on them. I foolishly volunteered to “direct” the next Spit podcast (listen to the first one here and be highly amused, oh yes), so I need to get about that. Hmm. I just looked at the Spit myspace.com page. We apparently have 6 people who are interested enough in Spit songs to tag us as “friends”. The world is an amazing place.
  • Back in blog – I’m going to resolve to write something in the blog every day, for no better reason than if I don’t, I can sometimes go two weeks without doing anything. And that’s probably not good for a number of reasons. Write back if you dare.


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I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a bit. You might have noticed (though checking through the moderation comments this morning, I see that the spambot community never gave up trying to reach out to me. Brave little soldiers!)

Project Porkpie continues to slowly grind through its last dying weeks. Everyone is over it and just wants to finish the job and move on to something new, but there’s still a ton of work to do. Getting to the finish line is like wading through molasses. Or lava, maybe. One of those similes, anyway.

For the past couple of months I’ve been getting steadily more worn down, exhausted and generally dismal, juggling the relentless semi-misery with Fi’s recuperation. Being fun and upbeat has not more than fleetingly been part of the equation. Wasn’t working especially well, wasn’t connecting with anyone at work, would get home every afternoon and want to crawl straight into bed. It all culminated in an extremely horrible and draining couple of days a fortnight ago, during which I hit pretty much my lowest ebb, energy-wise.

 And then I had the interview mentioned in the previous entry. And I botched it. Probably the worst interview I’ve done in years. Said and did nothing wrong, but also completely failed to assert my competence or justify a permanent promotion.

And the next day the weight on my shoulders completely lifted. I decided that enough was enough, shucked off the blanket of negativity and just decided to be upbeat, cheerful and effective through to the end of the project.

For some reason utterly unfathomable to me, it’s worked so far. Last week was a breeze. I was enthusiastic, I got a lot of work done, I chatted with co-workers and went out for a couple of beers. I resumed my semi-formal position as translator and conduit of miffs and woes between workers and managers. I rocked at my job, basically. Oh, yes, I was a bit tired during the middle of the week, but I think that can safely be attributed to my rather moronic decision at Tuesday evening’s roleplaying session to make myself a strong cappuccino, which resulted in less than two hours sleep overnight. Oops.

So – note to self: it’s all in your head, dumbarse.

May 17, 2006

Who likes interviews better than me?

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Everyone. Really. Yes, even you.

I just had the interview I’ve been stressing about all week. I am not exactly remonstrating myself for having worked myself up over nothing – it didn’t go as well as other recent ones for the same promotion level, all of which were unsuccessful. On the one hand, I don’t think I said anything factually wrong. On the other hand, I could certainly have found ways to answer the questions asked, and been a little less waffley with my answers.

On the plus side, it’s over now. Oh, except for the one-on-one work planning meeting with my boss tomorrow, which is not an interview but has a potentially bigger impact on the rest of my year.

Work wise, this continues to be an entirely crap and stressful month. I trust yours is going a bit better.

May 13, 2006

That was…

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…a very tough week. Project Porkpie hit one of those milestones that invoke Screaming Crises at every step. Dramarama. I’ve got home every day exhausted out of my head and fantasising about sick days I can’t possibly take.
Next week is probably going to be even harder. But there’s less than six weeks until it is done done and done and that will probably be survivable.Maybe.

May 2, 2006

New Salisbury: Population + 1

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Herr Fellows has sent me the most kickarse character for my New Salisbury game. Weird, engaging, and a plot-hook magnet. I am so excited about making poor Cameron’s life an entertaining form of hell. Ideally, I want at least one and maybe two more players for this game. I get the impression Teh Simonster is keen to have a go (he hasn’t come out and said so, but dammit he should just go for it and make up a character, if he happens to be reading this). So, I need at least one more player. Someone? Someone? Bueller?

My favourite time of the year…

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…is when I get to spend every morning muttering through chattering teeth, bemoaning the rank stupidity of Canberra drivers. A surprisingly large proportion of them fail to recognise that the reason to turn on car headlights during a thick fog is not so that the driver can see better, but so that other drivers can see them.

It never fails to astonish me the number of people to whom it never occurs, driving around in conditions of ten or so metres’ visibility, that they are completely fucking invisible.

If I cannot see you coming, Mister Moron, I cannot plan to get out of your way. Yes, you, the one swerving over to my side of the road to get around cars parked on the crest of a hill. You goddamned idiot.

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