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May 30, 2006


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I’ve just spent the entire morning analysing all the screwups in my corner of the finance system and painstakingly detailing how they can be fixed. Then I bundled them into a polite email and sent it to the Finance Section, who are understaffed and overworked and have no chance of attending to the two or three days worth of work contained therein. I know there is no hope that these in-theory-essential tasks will be completed before the system closedown at the end of financial year (about two weeks from now).

Completely pointless effort, in other words. And yet if I don’t do it, inevitably down the line, someone will get around to asking why this particular project’s finances are such a dog’s breakfast. Since I don’t especially want them to think that I could possibly be responsible for such disarray, I must have a shiny excuse polished up and ready to distract them.

Yes, I am totally covering my own arse.

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