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July 29, 2006

Too much Guitar Hero is barely enough

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…but I’m flying in 10 hours, so I’m still going to bed.

Okay, after a game of Red Faction. I blame Andrew.

See you next delayed flight or cybercafe in Twickenham or wherever.

July 28, 2006

One day and counting

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I’ve come into work for a couple of hours to tidy stuff up, bvut then I am on holidays. Yeah, baby! This time tomorrow I’ll be languishing at Canberra airport waiting for the fog to liftso we can make our connecting flight in Sydney.

Hopefully not – and it’s a good sign that the thick fog of the past three days was not in evidence this morning, allowing for the faint hope that we may get away on time. Which is unusual for Canberra at this time of year.

July 27, 2006

Two days and counting

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Still a lot to get done at work, so I will keep this short for now: Yay! Holidays!

Today’s article by Miranda Devine, the SMH’s resident politely-rabid-right-wing-soccer-mum, rails with shrieking futureshockhorror at the merciless march of technology (lucky she hasn’t seen mid-season 2 Doctor Who yet, or it too would no doubt have been grist for her gnashingly voracious mill).

The thing is – does it have a point? Maybe something about fat kids? Or is she just bemoaning the fact that it’s not the fifties any more (not that it ever was…)?

And do you think I could get a regular gig at the Herald writing content-free opinion pieces? That would be sweet.

July 26, 2006

Important contact news

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I won’t be using my otherleg email addresses while I’m away. Instead I can be contacted at david dot versace at iinet dot com dot au (contract the preceding until you get an email address out of it). I’ll check that address whenever I get internet access (which probably won’t be that often). Simon will have his mobile, but if you call it it will no doubt cost a fortune. ]

Expect Lexifab updates to be scarce, even by the unremarkable standards I usually set.

3 days and counting

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I didn’t count yesterday as I was spending (most of) the day tucked up in bed with herbal tea and Lost DVDs making sure the cold was properly dealt with. Two conclusions: I hate herbal tea, and in every second shot, Kate is tilting her head at an alarming angle and looking at someone with sympathetic pity.

Not sure whether that second one actually constitutes a conclusion, come to think of it. But it is striking.

The cold has more or less forsaken me, happily, and conditions are looking good for travel. Although I suspect it will want to be less foggy in Canberra on Saturday morning than it was today, or traffic at the airport is going to be backed up well past our flight to Sydney at 10:00. Eh, whatever. Makes things interesting.

Evan and Sarah arrived this morning and I just caught up with them at lunch. they are staying for a few days before heading down to the snow on Sunday with Jimbo and Andrew. It’s a big holiday week at Casa Del Our Place!

July 24, 2006

5 days and counting

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Fiona, Simon and I fly to London on Saturday, to begin our epic invasion of Europe (well, the UK and a very small part of France, at any rate). Tickets are purchased, passports are current, packing is almost done. Things are in readiness.

And this morning I have a cold. Not a bad one – sneezing, coughing, skin on face feels tight, neck muscles are sore – but it’s exactly how you wouldn’t want to feel for 15+ hours on a plane. And exactly the sort of person you don’t want to share your breathing air with for that time.

So, I have two missions for the week, which are more or less mutually exclusive: get all my work done or at least in a state to hand over without fuss vs. shake off this sniffle.

Actually, make that three missions, since’s Ev’s getting here on Wednesday night and I have to beat him at Red Faction II on the Playstation or renounce all dignity.

July 21, 2006


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Songs I am currently unable to get out of my brain:

  • Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John and/or whoever did that cover on Like a Version
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meat Loaf
  • Apple Sauce – Spit
  • Can’t Get you Out of My Head – Kylie Bloody Minogue

Not sure what that says, but I do know that nothing remotely current has penetrated my mental firewall of late.

What’s stuck on repeat in your heads, then?

July 20, 2006

Lacking motivation is motivational

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Actually, the more I think about what I was going to write to back up the assetion above, the more I realise that actually I talk a whole lot of garbage most of the time.

You knew that, of course. I’m just catching up.

Anyway, my brain has finally started kicking into “I want to be on my holiday RIGHT DAMN NOW” mode, but contrary to habit and expectation, I’m actually motivated to get the million and one things that need doing at work done. Normally by this point the switching-off of my enthusiasm would have progressed to an almost terminal malaise. Instead, I am hyped-up and super-productive. Unprecedented!

But I still can’t wait for my holiday to start. And Evan gets here on Wednesday, just before I go away, so we will get a couple of days with him before disappearing into the aether. Anticipating a fun few last days next week, let me tell you – especially if my current burst of energy at work means that I’ll be able to take the last couple of days off…

July 18, 2006


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Updated my links in the right-hand column. Let me know if I’ve missed yours.

Belated birthday wishes to Pol

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Given that dear Pol has been out and about commenting on blog here and there and everywhere of late wishing her fellow Cancerians a snippy birthday, it has taken a breathtakingly long time for the obvious conclusion to sink in. Since the Reign of Cancer is due to finish in the next couple of days (I’m no expert here, mind) it’s safe for me to assume at this point that I have, in fact, missed the opportunity to wish her a happy birthday in return prior to the event in question.

So, instead I shall proclaim her general wonderfulness to the world, for her virtues are many and should be trumpeted to the farthest reaches (like the one she and Gray have recently secured for themselves in no-doubt-scenic Bugsplat, WA).

 She doesn’t forget people’s birthdays, for example.

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