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July 15, 2006

Hrm. XML, huh?

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Just had a very challenging 15 minutes or so discovering that WordPress, the software used to create and maintain this blog, has been upgraded to Smarter Than Me version 2.1. The link I inserted in the previous entry would not, for some reason, work.

After an exhaustive (short) investigation I have discovered that this is because the internet Has Moved On, and I am no longer required to possess even my current meagre fluency in the worn out and obsolete language of the web, HTML. Instead, the software translates my feeble thoughts directly into Interlac, or whatever the hell it’s called now, complete with shiny links and whatever bold italicizations I may whimsically demand.

Unfortunately, if I am unaware of this fact and try to impose my feeble and outmoded web programmery skills on its sleek and pristine interface, I end up with unclickable gibberish. WordPress, meanwhile, sneers with contemptuous disdain for my presumption, and refuses to inform me what I might be doing wrong.

Fortunately it has failed to account for my supernatural capacity to divine answers from merely staring very hard at the screen until a solution occurs, an extraordinary ability I will call guesstimancy, which as ever has served me well in its mysterious way.

In other news, I think I know how to do links properly now.

The games-free challenge

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My old school chum Dave P, who along with his wife Ruth now lives in Northern Ireland and is a locum anaesthesiologist (or is locum the noun? I dunno), has been outrageously stripped of access to this fine online publication on the grounds that his workplace’s IT department thinks it contains “excessive references” to games and gaming-related topics. Which is unarguably true. As he is a very dear friend with whom I have been out of contact too long, I am tempted to comply with this fascist dictate, in order that he maintain at least his current (starvation-level) fill of Lexifab goodness.

But then I remember that I almost never have anything else to chat about, so instead I will direct your attention to this rather cool online implementation of the old “circle of murder” style of Killer game: The Ship. I love the cartoonish 20’s art design – very Agatha Christie (Young Hercules Poirot Investigates!) – but even more I love the fact that you can murder someone by bludgeoning them to death with a false arm or locking them in a sauna and turning up the heat.

If I weren’t behaving myself money-wise in anticipation of a trip to Europe I would be downloading it at this very minute. Sorry, Dave!

July 6, 2006

Missed my own birthday…

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…but got in there in time for Jimbo’s. My baby brother is officially one year older and nearer his nameless villain’s grave, which even now watches with stalking eyes from its bitter den in some cruel future wasteland. Though he may yet avoid his ghastly fate, possibly by becoming wealthy beyond the decadent imaginings of the most debased of Hilton sisters and buying me stuff. That’d be nice.

So, the past fortnight or so has continued in the chaotic and exhausting veins of its six or seven predecessors, as Project Porkpie has reached its cacophonic conclusion and extended - disappointingly but not in any way surprisingly – into a denoument of considerable excitement and agitation. In other words, rather than the hoped-for tidy completion and handover, there remain an ongoing series of minor crises to contend with. This is, I’m told, pretty standard for an IT project.

Still, it looks like the last couple of days has broken the back of the problems, and things should simmer down a bit from here on it, rather than repeatedly bubbling over and burning the stove, to carry that cooking metaphor one step too far.

Anyway, Fi and I had our birthdays last week, which was nice. Had a very pleasant dinner out on Wednesday, had the day off and went to see the new Superman movie Thursday, and got drunk with the departing work colleagues on Friday. Not a bad end to the week, although there was more than enough work angst mixed in that I was glad of the weekend.

Tonight, however, there will be pirates, so everything will once again be right with the world.

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