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August 22, 2006

Tales from the Far Side of the World Part 5: Edinburgh

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Recommendation for the future: do not, under any circumstances, come to Edinburgh in August for purposes other than viewing something at the Festival, and then only if you have booked both events and accommodation. It’s a bit of a madhouse here.

In the last week we’ve been up to the top (the Orkneys), up and down again along Loch Ness, seen a couple of castles (including what’s left of Urquhart Castle, which is pretty damn cool) and generally done a lot of miles (they don’t have kilometres here, for some reason 🙂

Things are going well, although the accommodation thing is becoming tiresome – you really can’t get a room *anywhere* in Scotland without booking in advance. Luckily we’ve discovered that you can book anywhere using the Scottish Tourism services, but unluckily we only found this out after spending a night sleeping in the carpark of the Culloden Moor battle site.

Anyways, back to England tomorrow, where you can’t get a ticket for the Royal Shakespeare Company instead (we learned that Patrick Stewart is playing Prospero in The Tempest but we seem to have left it too late to try to get in).

PS: Some parts of Scotland are very pretty indeed. Oh, and I think that story about a monster in Loch Ness might be cobblers.

August 12, 2006

Tales from the Far Side of the World: Cardigan!?!

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(Damn, just typed up a post and lost it somehow. Don’t you hate that?)

So today we are in Cardigan, a small seaside town in South Wales where the main selling point appears to be, rather than the eponymous outdated item of apparel, Lord of the Rings-related tat. So far in the twenty minutes since we’ve been in town, we’ve passed Gandalf’s Workshop (a craft store), Helm’s Deep (one of the ubiquitous Games Workshop stores you find in the UK) and The Shire (not sure what that one was, to be honest). Can’t really ascertain what the obsession with the good Professor’s work is – perhaps he lived here at one point?

We’re all fine and jim dandy, touring about in the car. The airline crisis is a bit of a worry, but we’re hoping that things will have settled down to some level of equilibrium by the time we have to fly again at the end of the month). In the meantime we’re taking our lives into our hands by sharing the roads with Britain’s enormous population of idiots who think they’re The Stig from Top Gear. Honestly, people really do drive like maniacs on very narrow roads here. It’s actually quite entertaining once you get past the sheer terror of it all.

August 5, 2006

Tales from the Far Side of the World Part 2: Auld London Town

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Whipped around the sights of Covent Garden and (nearly) Soho, visited a pub with a tree growing up through it (well, not growing any more, but you know what I mean), and achieved a lifetime’s ambition by actually going to the Forbidden Planet bookstore, only to realise that I’d done it a day too early. Terry Gilliam will be in-store today promoting his new film Tideland, which I’ve never heard of.

Also saw Marlborough House, where Fi’s bike club buddy Marion works for the Commonwealth Secretariat. It’s pretty swank for a summer place, I must say – the Heads of Government get a pretty over-the-top meeting room…

Sights and sounds continue to blur by, barely registering, but today I’m seeing my old school friend Dave P for the first time in nearly 20 years. So I must go, because we’re supposed to me meeting in an hour and I have to scraf down some brekky first. Adieu!

August 4, 2006

Tales from the Far Side of the World Part 1: Bonjour!

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Actually, it’s about day 5 of the Epic Journey, and we’re back in London after a few days in Paris. Our time on the continent was a bit of a mad blur. We’re all knackered. By all rights we should have continued the mad sightseeing frenzy today, because our time in London is limited, but to be honest none of us can be bothered, so today the limit of our ambitions is getting our washing done and having a few pints. Fi and I are meeting up with Marion (formerly of the bike club) sometime this evening, while Simon’s going with Alix to a barbie hosted by a guy named either Ant or Spanky.

It’s dead exotic over here.

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