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September 28, 2006

Aiee! Ebay!

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This is what happens when the mental blocks are down for even a second. Ebay gets in and squeezes. There I was, idly wondering whether the classic Enemy Within campaign for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying system is still in print (it’s not) and then wondering whether I could dig up a copy somewhere else…

…and suddenly it’s 45 minutes later and I’ve got two bids in for out of print roleplaying stuff from over ten years ago. For a completely different game that I haven’t played for at least 6 years. And I’m wondering whether $115 is good value for the complete Seasons 1 and 2 Veronica Mars DVD boxed set.

Step away from the keyboard, sir. Your reasoning functions are impaired.

Don’t make me run. I’m fat and full of pide.

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We had a lunch today for my departing boss at the Turkish Pide House, where appetites go to be brutally exterminated by stacks of yummy bread’n’dips, fried zucchini balls and slabs of cheese-packed pizza.

Now I want to die, but not before I curse unto eternity my stupid incapacity to stop eating yummy food just because I’m stuffed to the gills.

Of all the Deadly Sins, Gluttony is the one I revile and regret most recently. Er, unless Sheer Stupidity is one of them as well.

September 22, 2006

Ah, the weekend at last

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I know I spend a lot of time complaining that I’ve had a bad day or week at work in the blog. Just ignore it, okay? I’m not fishing for sympathy, I’m just venting.

So, this last week kind of sucked, but whatever. It wasn’t bus-crash traumatic, it just involved a lot of my time being wasted. Then again, I was probably not using my time well either, and I guess I was being paid to waste the time either way. So, like I say, whatever.

I did spend rather a lot of my time checking out the progress of the New Salisbury Press Lexicon game. We’re up to the 2nd round now, and I’m eagerly anticipating lots of new exciting stuff appearing there over the weekend.

September 20, 2006

Acquired: One (1) gutfull

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I have had one of those days. Nothing I’ve started today has worked out, partly due to indecisiveness, stupidity or laziness on the part of others, and partly because I have developed a very bad mood in response.

I am tired and I am grumpy and I would like to go home, but I have to wait for at least three meetings to finish and try to wring some answers out of people.

Update: It’s now an hour later. I managed to get one out of three. The others went straight home from their meetings. Fuck ’em, then. I’m off home.

September 18, 2006

Today I…

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  • baked some foccacia (though not especially successfully)
  • cut down a tree (with Jimbo, without destroying either our neighbours’ expensive landscaped garden or out own shed)
  • installed some door handles (one of them sticks a bit, but I blame the manufacture of the handles themselves rather than any deficiency on my part)
  • had a pretty good day, thanks.

Hope yours was peachy, too. And now it’s very much past time for bed.

September 15, 2006

For voyeurs of pseudo-nonfictional music journalism…

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…the Lexicon on the hitherto-underexplored subject of ‘The Sounds of Lightning: The History of Punk, Emo and Hardcore Bands in the New Salisbury Region 1975-2000’ is now up and running at the New Salisbury Press site.

There’s not much up there yet (except for one slightly rules-stretching entry and an initial crossing of academic swords in the comments) but expect to see it swell to gargantuan proportions over the weekend as the scholarly punk afficianados of the New Salisbury scene set themselves to the chore of documenting this all-important topic.

In fact, expect to see it explode – there are a dozen contributors! If everyone were to stick it out to the end of the alphabet, that would mean over 300 topics will have been covered. Which will, I am rather sure, be more than anyone ever wanted to know about this particular subject.

Just about ready to go

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The Lexicon wiki is set up and most of the participants are signed up and ready to go. One more day for any stragglers – we’ll start tomorrow with ‘A’.

I’ll post the link to the site here and shove a permanent link to it in the sidebar, if I remember.

September 14, 2006

Academia assemble!

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With what we think are probably all the technical details sorted out, the Lexicon game should be ready to go by tonight. I’m just holding off announcing the subject while Simno writes an abstract. If you want to play, send a “Me too!” email to lexifab at otherleg dot com so that I know which email address to send your Schtuff invitation and login instructions.

That should all happen tonight, I reckon. This is gonna be fun!

September 13, 2006

Easy peasy

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Okay, that was even simpler than I expected. Point your browsers at my Schtuff zone and marvel at the amazing entries I put together in about two minutes. Yes, well, okay, not that amazing, but very easy.

I think we can probably get this all together pretty quickly. I’ll chat to Mister the ChrisT and the lads and then announce the subject and put out a call for Contributing Academics!

Lexicon! (or When Academics Attack!)

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Mister the ChrisT has cast about some interesting corners of the intarwub and has come across a neat little writing/roleplaying entertainment by a guy named Neel Krishnaswami (I had to mention that because his name is so very cool): Lexicon. To quickly summarise before going into more details after the cut below, Lexicon is a game where each player is an scholar writing pseudo-academic entries on some historical period or event or place or whatever. In the first round, everyone creates an entry for a subject beginning with the letter ‘A’; the following round everyone does a ‘B’ entry and so on. Of course, each player is making up the details of each event or object or historical personage as they go along. At the end of the game (which can be competitive but we won’t be playing it that way, at least not at first) you have a “complete” encyclopaedia of the nominated historical period.

Click on the link above to get the general gist and then come back and read on, if you are interested in playing: (more…)

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