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September 11, 2006

Obligatory cheap, left-wing shot at Bush

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Five years on, chimpface. How’s that War on Terror coming along?


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For some reason I cannot fathom, Lexifab comments have been spammed by the band Gnarls Barkley. I deleted the comment to discourage the spambots, but I copied over the actual text.

Not that it’s funny or anything, there’s just something about it that makes me kind of curious: to me, actual known entities like bands enjoying some popularity – however fleeting - surely do themselves a disservice by adopting the marketing practises associated with the shadowier nether realms of the net?

Name: Gnarls Barkley Blog | URI: http://gnarlesbarkley.blogspot.com/ | IP: XX.XXX.XXX.XXX | Date: September 11, 2006

Gnarls Barkley Ringtones “Crazy” is the first ever single to top the UK singles chart purely on download sales as it was released online a week before it was released as a CD single. It is also the first single to top the UK singles chart for nine weeks consecutively since 1…

Or am I just being so last year, and this is the hip now thing that all the kids are down with?

September 8, 2006

Gaming mecca

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I always promised myself that sooner or later I would go to GenCon, the world’s biggest and brightest  gaming convention specifically focusing on roleplaying.

Now, I hear that it’s come to me instead. Or near enough. I’m clearing my schedule, in any case.

Out of phase

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All week I’ve been waking up at 4 in the morning and beginning to lose consciousness around 3 in the afternoon. I have been assuming this is some sort of consequence of jetlag, which more widely travelled correspondents can no doubt confirm or deny.

It’s had its ups and downs, to be honest. On the plus side, waking up in for what is for all intents and purposes the middle of the night, when nobody else is awake to either distract me or be disturbed, is the perfect time for me to be doing piano practise (on the electronic keyboards, with the headphones plugged in, of course).

On the down side, it means that by the time I’ve been getting home at 6-ish all week, I’ve been completely knackered. Usually I’ve flaked out by about half-eight, and it was only the consumption of about a litre of vanilla coke that kept me conscious all the way to the end of the regular Tuesday night gaming session with the boys. I still haven’t managed to get around to logging in to Warcraft, though I’m not especially concerned about that. It will still be there when I get back to it. That’s the whole point.

I am particularly miffed at myself that I remembered that yesterday was Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary, and reminded myself out loud at least a couple of times to ring them, but by the time dinner was done I had completely forgotten about it. Sorry Mum and Dad! I will try to be a better son this evening (but Frances is coming over to visit, and what with all the Meagan-and-Lib gossip to catch up on, there’s a better than even chance I will forget again).

September 7, 2006

Hitting the treadmill at speed

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After getting general dispensation to coast sleepily through the last few days, I’ve been awarded with my new role this morning: supporting the coordination of moving the organisation to the two new buildings next year. In theory, I’ll be working with the project manager to get only the IT elements done, but in practise many of the business areas with related tasks are complete knuckle-dragging screwups, so there is a wider business wrangling job built in. There’s been a long history of things going over budget, behind schedule and generally out of hand on this whole new building thing, so the whole affair comes with a prefabricated disaster as part of the package. “Challenging” is the current polite euphemism.

In addition to this, I will be working under someone with whom I have not always been able to see eye to eye, due to some prior failures of communication, incompatible expectations and occasional information control issues (I won’t go into details. Suffice to say it contributed to an already stressful situation mid-Porkpie). There is always a danger that the same problems are lurking just around the corner.

However, I am optimistic. This is a very different situation to the vague and amorphous beast that was Porkpie – there are pretty clear deadlines, specific tasks to be accomplished, and no hip young IT contractors with minds of their own to be herded. Those differences alone will probably change the dynamic for the better.

And it will be interesting work. There’s a million things to be across, from server rooms to network infrastructure to (of all things) whether there’s music played by the VOIP system while you’re on hold. Not to mention that the involvement of the aforementioned knuckle-draggers and the sheer profile of the job (if it’s screwed up, *everyone* is affected, from the Big Boss down) makes it deliciously politically-charged, which is not exactly fun but does ensure that things will remain lively.

Plus it will look good on a CV, I guess.

September 4, 2006

Work apocalypse*

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The first day back at work has gone as expected, with the usual assortment of minor crises and at least one major one. Project Porkpie returns to haunt my dreams, though thankfully only in an impotent and shadowy sense, since I am no longer required to care. In actual fact, I’m not really sure what I’m doing here now. The other two people in my team seem to have everything well in hand, and it’s entirely possible that I am surplus to requirements.

The big change is that my boss has decided to accept a new position in a different section, which completely changes everything. I’m not sure how to take it actually – I’m very happy for him, as it’s been a very stressful job that he’s been lumbered with for far longer than he should have to have been. On the other hand, he’s the best boss I’ve ever had, so I’m cautiously pessimistic about breaking in a replacement. I could have hoped for a slightly less dramatic revelation to welcome me back to the office, though of course I knew better than to expect an easy ride.

However, as the jetlag is currently creeping over me and making me crash harder than Windows 2000, I find I don’t mind anything that much. Once my sleep patterns repair themselves and I don’t find myself waking up at 4 in the morning, I expect my perspective to assume some degree of coherence.

* In the sense of a big change

September 2, 2006

Tales from This Side of the World: Home

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Got in yesterday afternoon after an exhausting marathon journey, which involved rather a lot of standing up in buses, the consumption on Fi’s part of a truly superhuman quantity of tissues and related cold pharmaceutica, and for me absolutely no bloody sleep for something like 40 straight hours. I’m not exactly sure who would consider regular international travel to be “fun”, but presumably a prerequisite would be the ability to nod off at the first opportunity.

So, here we are back again after the epic journey, relatively unscathed except in terms of the bank balance. Actually, Fi’s just run the numbers and it looks like we spent almost exactly what we budgeted to, so there’s a thing. Pity the interest rates went up while we we away, but on the other hand my promotion came through so at least our capacity to absorb the rise won’t have gone backwards.

I made a number of resolutions while I was travelling, most of which I will discuss until I’ve had a chance to see whether they are practical. I will note that at this stage I have plans to cut back on playing World of Warcraft, mainly because playing it constantly doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to do anything else. But I should note that that doesn’t mean I’m actually going cold turkey. The pretty, pretty colours are too important too me.

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