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November 21, 2006

Rude shock

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So after spending the first couple of days at work last week with basically nothing much to do (and not really doing what work there was) and then spending Wednesday through Friday in a training course, it was a bit of a rude shock to come back to work yesterday to discover that one of the five (!) managers has assigned me a task. And a somewhat complex and urgent one at that.

Blog entries created during work hours out of sheer boredom may be in short supply for the next couple of months. Thank goodness.

November 18, 2006

[PTA] The Last Prophecy: Episode 2

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Another report from our weekly game coming up. I’d have put some non-game content up this week but I’ve been at a training course on information mapping since Wednesday (when it snowed! and Jimbo bought Guitar Hero II! and my copy of Spirit of the Century arrived in the mail!) so I haven’t felt like typing this up until now.

Here it is, after the break as usual. And as usual, the pig gets a cameo mention, but no actual appearance. We assume he’s off somewhere getting ninja training, possibly from an ancient martial arts master who is a mutant stoat or lemming or something. (more…)

November 14, 2006


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I wish I could give a stuff about the work I am supposed to be doing. I must have left my motivation in my other pants, the ones I haven’t worn since I got back from overseas.

Not that it makes a difference to my overall mood, but I have just had word that one of the most demonstrably ineffective and generally worthless managers it has been my distasteful experience to work with has been promoted to a level where he can do some real damage. I suspect this annoys me mainly on the grounds that it will sooner or later unnecessarily complicate my life.

Then again, tiresome though it is, at least work-based drama breaks up the routine a bit.

November 13, 2006

Rushing around, rushing around

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I haven’t actually been that busy over the last few days, but it feels like I have. This is a clear sign that I have become overly attached to my sedentary lifestyle - as my expanding waistline attests - and a move to diversify into a range of activities beyond working, cooking, sitting on my arse and staring at a computer screen for hours on end and sleeping is therefore overdue.

So happily providence has delivered, in the form of a weekend full of stuff, starting with a day out at the cricket on Friday. I wasn’t planning to go to the Prime Minister’s XI match against England, since I am trying to build up flex time for the trip away to the Sunshine Coast in a fortnight, but at the eleventh hour I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse – VIP tickets at the member’s pavilion. With free drinks and lunch. And the chance to watch the Poms cop a flogging (which they did, making the prospects for a hard-fought Ashes series seem a bit remote unless they pull their act together in the next fortnight). Jolly good day out, that. Afterwards I walked from Manuka to the city (four or so kilometres) and hit the pub and some shops with Chris, Jimbo, Linda, Andrew from work and his partner Nicole. Nearly everyone else bought books, games and DVDs, but because I am trying to be fiscally responsible I only bought a coffee. It was a pretty expensive coffee though.

Fi and I are distracting ourselves from a slight delay in renovating with a side project – building a rack to keep our spice drawer from becoming too chaotic. I’ve been getting to play with the jigsaw, which is always amusing, and I can almost do a straight line every time now. Luckily when the thing has been glued together it will go into the drawer and its flaws camouflaged by spice jars, so this project is pretty low-risk in terms of our home handyman esteem.

Went with Chris to the RPG meetup on Saturday, which would have been eventful enough, but on the way we were smacked into by a kid on a bike. Entirely his fault, I should stress – Chris was stopped at an intersection when we got T-boned from the left. He hit my door at full speed, startling the hell out of me. I thought for a second that we’d run him over, before I realised we weren’t actually moving. He was pretty stunned and his bike was unrideable due to some problem with his brakes, so we walked with him a couple of blocks to his house and got the family phone number. Chris’ door has a big dent in it, but the kid looked more or less okay and didn’t lose any teeth, so it could have been much worse.

After the meetup, which was at a small chocolate-oriented cafe in Kingston (a venue with an abundance of caffeine and sugar strikes me as a poor choice for a collection of geeks with hyperactive tendencies, but there were relatively few passers-by to traumatise, so it turned out fine), Emma and Gavin came over. There was a plan to play some World’s Longest Corridor, but what with Linda and Fiona doing crafty stuff on the table and the availability of beer and comfy chairs on the patio, it never really eventuated. Still, at least we had some Robot Chicken to watch.

Fi and I are going to a wedding on the Sunshine Coast in a couple of weeks – Fi’s niece Talyn is getting married. Dress is smart casual. Apparently my wardrobe consists of some smart and (much) more casual, but nothing really in between, so yesterday I was forced to bow to pressure and go clothes shopping. I will say no more about that, other than to note that clothes were successfully purchased and I…don’t really shop for clothes all that well. But my new threads do look awfully sharp. Or smart-casual. One of those, at least.

November 8, 2006

[PTA] The Last Prophecy: Episode 1

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We played the second part (Episode 1, you will recall) of our Primetime Adventures games last night. It took even longer for us to get some momentum going this time around – in fact it was really only in the last our or so that we really pulled it together – and the plot seems to have become terrifyingly complicated. So much so that we realised we couldn’t possibly resolve anything and decided to call it a cliffhanger (albeit not at all a dangerous one for most of our heroes).

The (painfully) slow start was my fault – I set up a situation which didn’t push enough action, and it took us ages to work out where to run with it. As a note for myself for future episodes, I must remember to pack a bit more dramatic semtex into the opening sequence…

Scene by scene details are behind the cut – and for his legions of well wishers, yes, the infamous Pygmogadonvich does get a mention. Fan service!


November 2, 2006

[PTA] The Last Prophecy: Pilot

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We played the first episode on Tuesday night, opting to go with PTA’s recommendation of playing a “pilot” episode to test the waters with the new show. Simon was running a bit late, but arrived just after we decided to start without him, and he didn’t miss much more than the opening scene.

Again with the protective screen:



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Don’t know what happened with the font in that last post…well, no, I do know what happened, I just don’t know how to fix it without retyping, which ain’t gonna happen. If anyone has any useful advice on stripping out styles carried across with text that’s been cut and paste into a WordPress text field, lemme know.

Oh well, at least it stands out.

[PTA] The Last Prophecy: Setup

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We finally got to play the pilot episode of our Primetime Adventures show “The Last Prophecy” this week, after creating the situation and characters a couple of weeks back and then missing last week’s session.]

(More details behind the cut, to avoid unnecessarily boring the disinterested)… (more…)

November 1, 2006

Live from Ted’s Tokyo

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Magicdog‘s return to blogging following an unusually long fallow period is packed full of poetic goodness, not to mention cute photos of Hanachan and gorgeous piccies of nebuta (which Google handily informs me – with an unknown degree of accuracy – are large illuminated floats depicting historical and cultural scenes. So now I know that much at least).

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