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November 2, 2006

[PTA] The Last Prophecy: Setup

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We finally got to play the pilot episode of our Primetime Adventures show “The Last Prophecy” this week, after creating the situation and characters a couple of weeks back and then missing last week’s session.]

(More details behind the cut, to avoid unnecessarily boring the disinterested)… More...
The setting is a bit vague at this point – we seem to have drawn elements of set dressing randomly from Victorian and Regency England, Tsarist Russia and some possibly Prussia – but the gist is that the realm of King Viktor Kasparov is obsessed with a vast collection of great works of prophecy.

His Majesty has appointed a “department” of seers to investigate omens and interpret the prophecies, especially those which seem to do with the fate of the realm. See consensus has it that, of the greatest prophecies, only the Cherenkov Prophecy, set down in the Book of Red Lightning, has yet to begin to come to pass.

Our characters are:
Captain Konrad Petronov [played by Jimbo] – An officer in the Royal Guard; his recent investigations proved that the orders of seers and many of their courtier patrons were corrupt, taking bribes and using dubious interpretations of prophecy to influence realm affairs. The King ordered a purge of virtually everyone connected to the interpretation of prophecy, with a handful of exceptions, including Count Gustav von Stahk. Petronov suspected the Count of involvement but could prove nothing. At von Stahk’s recommendation, Petronov has been placed in charge of the lean new Department of Prophecy. Petronov is not a believer in prophecy and regards the position as a poor reward for his service.

Petronov’s issue is his “Sense of Duty”, his edges are “Guard Captain” and “Family Man”, and he has a connection to his (now deceased) wise old weaponmaster Iago Montalban. His Nemesis is Count Gustav von Stahk.

Viscount Kurdt von Stahk [played by Simon] – A foppish young aristocrat who has been placed in the new Department of Prophecy by his uncle to spy for him – Kurdt mistakenly believes that this is a powerful and influential post, rather than the mockery it has become.

Kurdt’s issue is his “Divided Loyalties”, his edges are “Charismatic Aristocrat” and “Expert Fencer” and his connection is to his uncle Count Gustav von Stahk.

Phoebe Avonova [played by Chris] – A cat burglar and “portentologist” con artist who has plagued the realm with prophecy and portent-related scams. Finally captured and sentenced to death, her execution was stayed by the King when the gallows was struck by red lightning.

Phoebe’s issue is “redemption and atonement for her crimes”. Her edges are “Cat burglar” and “Named in Prophecy”, and her connection is to her sister Ophelia, who is one of the few seers in the court to have been innocent of corruption and escaped the purges.

Producer’s note: We spent the first session creating the setting and the characters, and as you can see developed a fair amount of back story in creating the characters. In retrospect, we might have spent too much time on this. It took at least a couple of hours – maybe nearly three – by which time it was too late to launch into the pilot episode. We were due to play again the next week, but one of the players was sick so it was a fortnight between the setup and the pilot.

That helped me as Producer a bit, in that I had time to come up with a couple of decent regular non-player characters, but as play revealed, the only real issue about making up new characters is coming up with decent names. I will prepare for the next session with a good list of Russian-sounding names.

I’ll detail the events of the first session shortly. I’ve crossposted this to the Actual Play forums on RPG.Net, so that Teh Intarwebz can tear us a new one for doing things wrong 🙂

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