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December 25, 2006

Happy Xmas, Xmas people!

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Am tired and too full of food. Linda is visiting (Alastair just left) and in the spirit of the season we have been watching a rather entertaining program about a deranged psychopath called Dexter. It’s rather late, so I can’t be bothered getting a link for that – just Google it.

The important part is that we’ve spent the day with friends and family, drunk and eaten well, and spread the joy of the amateurish quasi-musicianship that is Guitar Hero II.

And now, to sleep. That’s where I’m a viking.

Happy Xmas, one and all.

December 19, 2006

Who’s going where now?

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Uh. Yay. Found out yesterday afternoon that further to the retirement this Friday of the team leader of my team of four, the other two team members are taking the entire month of January off.

Obviously Zeus or Loki or that bastard with an ibis head think I wasn’t busy enough as it was. At any rate, it’s clear that I am Cursed by Mad Gods. Which is all very well, but they curse you and curse you and then never call or help you prioritise.

(Maybe you should expect not to hear all that much from here for the next 6 weeks or so…Eep!)

December 13, 2006

Sound from the static

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Okay, I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Work’s been busy and surprisingly interesting, so I’ve been spending longer and longer hours here and vegetating when I get home instead of popping on the internet to enrich the lives of my adoring readers.

Hello? Anybody still here after that outrage? Well, on your own heads be it.

During her lightning visit last week, Miz Alix pronounced that Lexifab has too much games talk. Which is welcome feedback, although possibly disappointing on reflection, since the PTA reports have been the only thing I’ve done of late that actually feels like content. Still, the readership has spoken, so today’s entry will contain no further updates from the realm of good king Viktor (aside from anything else, we haven’t played for about three weeks, due to delays like travel and sickness and such). That’s my practically-ironclad guarantee.

So instead I’ll drop a few random idle comments:

  • Fiona and I recently spent a whole week in Brisbane with Evan. Amazingly, this is the longest period in nearly ten years that I have spent in Ev’s company without writing even a single song lyric. I think we’re possibly both a bit conscious of the fact that Spit has a back-catalogue of something like thirty unrecorded songs, and we don’t really want to contribute anything more until we’ve made inroads into that slush pile.
  • In other Spit news, Andrew reminded me that we don’t have a logo yet. Despite design not really being my forte, I have agreed to have a stab at something we could put on a T-shirt or website banner. Will probably have a stab at it over Xmas and trial the designs over at the (currently abandoned) original Lexifab website.
  • The Poms are going down 5-nil in the Ashes series. 4-nil at best (always a good idea to allow for a rain-abandoned Test, even with the weather as it has been lately). This is really not good for cricket, but really, who gives a damn?
  • At a half-remembered recommendation of either Miz Alix or Her Man Dave, I’ve been reading the enjoyably pulpish adventures of Chicago wizard Harry Dresden, by Jim Butcher. Harry’s a wizard. He sometimes works with the Chicago PD to solve supernatural crimes that nobody else really believes in, until a werewolf starts ripping their face off. It’s a simple idea, written with a catchy style, and I wish to fuck I had thought of it first! The first book (I’ve only read three so far) hover around the “I could have written this” mark which is so tantalising and alluring to a lazy, semi-delusional not-really-but-sorta-frustrated novelist such as myself. Mind you, as early as the second book Butcher starts showing some very marked improvements in his craft – you can practically feel his confidence lifting – which in itself teases me into thinking I should probably do some more writing.
  • Anyway, to finish off on The Dresden Files series, I heartily recommend them. Well-crafted, easy reading, supernatural thrillers with no extraneous fat and an interesting backstory being slowly revealed in between the demon attacks and savage, savage beatings of the protagonist. Read them before the TV series kicks off in February and (probably) completely ruins it…
  • As an example of a book I have absolutely no delusions about whether I could have written, I also just finished Accelarando by Charles Stross, on the recommendation of Warren Ellis. Good, weird, challenging futurist spec fiction, with transhuman ethics, bizarre economies of reputation, post-millenial family dynamics, a galactic internet and probably the most interesting lobsters in literature. I’m not sure about recommending it – it’s probably more accessible than William Gibson or Greg Egan, but less so than say Bruce Sterling or Neal Stephenson – but I liked it. Hell, if you like all or most of those people I just mentioned, I’d recommend giving it a look. You can probably borrow my copy once everyone at home is finished with it.
  • So all this reading of late has germinated a spark of a notion that it might be time to start considering the fringemost possibility of sometime beginning work on another novel. I did some early thinking about it during the week off in Brisbane. There’s nothing unusual about that. I’m usually inspired to creativity when I feel like I have free time – it all goes away again when reality returns and I have to go back to work during the day. Still, this is one of those ideas that’s been bugging me for a couple of years, so I may have to get stuck into it just to get it out of my system. There’s various things holding me back – the ongoing failure to completely give World of Warcraft away being the foremost one, but the nagging need to resume work on house renovations looming right up there as well – but we will see what the new year brings.
  • (By the way, the novel idea as it stands looks almost perfectly uncommercial, so don’t hold your breath that it will be appearing on the shelves before the end of the decade. I could get Stephen King to ghostwrite this sucker and nobody would buy it, I suspect).
  • (I won’t though. I’m not returning Stevie-boy’s calls since Cell by my count marks third time he’s failed to stick to his retirement plans).
  • I should note that considering how far behind I am on my various other projects – the New Salisbury game I should be running with Dr Clam, the New Salisbury Lexicon game which I am three entries behind on, and my learning to play the piano (I can just about pick out diminished chords without looking at the keyboard, but haven’t practised for a couple of weeks, and I still can’t play chords by ear), renovations etc – I should probably not go overboard by commiting to a word count.

Okay, the demands of work are starting to weigh in. Must dash off and be seen to do something constructive before the Xmas party at lunchtime.

December 4, 2006

In important academic news…

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…MizEmma has done rather more with my sense of self-discipline than I ever do. Good on her.

Sunny escape

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Just got back from a weekend on the Sunshine Coast followed by a week of enjoying Mistah Dean’s hospitality in Brisbane. Ostensibly we were there for Fiona’s niece’s wedding, but after the initial madness of the first few days, we were blissfully uncommitted to any particular activity, allowing us a rare and welcome opportunity to indulge in some world-class slacking about.

We bought excessive numbers of books, watched some excellent movies, sort-of-crashed a work Xmas party to see Ev’s band play, indulged in rich foods and watched an awful lot of cricket. Let me tell you, I have longed for a holiday such as this. Not too many commitments, not too much rushing around, not (quite) too hot.

Back at work, madness yet again ensuing. Haven’t quite gotten into the swing yet, but that will come I expect. Appears that I will be going to Sydney on Wednesday for an elaborate sales expo by a company of technological bent (though unhappily it will not be the one Andrew works for, so chances are slim that we will cross paths). Around that, I have three reports and a blood donation to complete by Friday.

I’m starting to feel tired again already. Happily Xmas is really not that far away.

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