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March 21, 2007

Site admin? Oh how mundane!

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I’ve removed the link to the New Salisbury lexicon game over on the right there. The link doesn’t work any more (I assume ChrisT removed it, but in any case the game died the expected death at around about Jenny’s mathematically ascertained date).

I also like how that subject title came out like a cryptic crossword clue.

Work. Rest. Play.

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I need a Mars Bar, I think.

Nothing since the last (marathon) blog because I have been in full recuperation mode. Finally went to the doctor on Wednesday, who obligingly suggested I take the rest of the week off. That was good, since I wouldn’t have done it on my own, but I really did need the break. Monday was a public holiday in Canberra as well, so it was a six day break. I would have thought that would be enough to straighten my head out, but no – come Monday night, as soon as bedtime arrived, with the inevitability of waking up and having to go to work looming right along behind it, there was that nausea back again. And it’s been with me since, coming and going depending on how effectively I manage to distract myself from thinking about work.

Actually being at work has, of course, not been quite as appalling as my fearful imaginings have led me to expect, but neither have they been particularly helpful. There are some very early glimmerings of the prospect of action being taken to sort out the problems, but the mills are grinding exceedingly slow. So I go, keep my head down, and try to get through another work day without filling the prescription for something that will control the nausea but leave me unconstructively sleepy.

But yeah, at least the rest of the time there’s a fabulous household, supportive friends and family, enough food on the table (and extremely yummy, what’s more) and games to play, so I’ll probably cope. Oh, and the government keeps kicking itself in the crotch, so life could certainly be worse.

In a outburst of renovationism, we moved all the furniture out of the lounge on Saturday and tore down the ceiling tiles, in preparation for the plasterer and electrician to come in next week. They’ll be putting up cornice and gyprock sheeting on the walls and ceiling and new lights in the lounge, dining room and kitchen. A couple of weeks after that and we will get stuck in with painting, and then we will probably replace a whole bunch of the carpet (on the assumption that we have now irretrievably trashed the loungeroom carpet by grinding tonnes of the fibreglass fragments from the acoustic ceiling tiles into it).

So this will not be a cheap month – further underlining that simply walking away from the job before I go nuts is not a sound option – but it should be a damned satisfying one.

Well, as long as I don’t go nuts.

March 13, 2007

Thinking about gaming instead (warning: longest post ever)

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Rather than moaning on about how work is making me miserable, let me light a candle and wave in the general direction of gaming, a subject about which I am able to be generally positive and constructive. Probably. Well, more often than not, let’s say. Okay, this is going to be rant-long, so to preserve those of more innocent sensibility (and everyone who suffers instant paralysis when confronted with stultifying game talk), here’s a cut:


March 12, 2007

Work update

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Still sucks. Moving on…

March 8, 2007

Impeccable timing as always

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My work problems continue to leave me tired and sick at the start and end of every day. After an incredibly crap couple of days at the start of the week, Fi finally hammered it into me that I should go and speak to Johann*, one of my old managers and probably the only person in the entire agency for whom I have sufficient respect and trust to actually listen to his advice. (That’s more of an indictment of my networking skills than the trustworthiness of my work colleagues, I’m sure. Well, most of them, anyway – clearly some are just not worth it).

So yesterday, feeling sicker than ever from the second I walked through the door (literally – it’s like walking into a sauna, except for hot read nauseous), I finally pulled together the bottle to send him an email and ask for a chat about “some work concerns”. It took most of the morning before he got back to me and called me around to his office. And then before we could even exchange small talk, he was dragged off to deal with the fact that a plane had crashed on takeoff on Indonesia with some of our staff on board.

Sigh. You would think that a real tragedy, which deeply and personally affects hundreds of people including many with whom I work every day, would snap me out of this self-indulgent moodiness.

Yeah, not so much.

* Hopefully it is obvious how much of a pseudonym this is

March 4, 2007

Did I even mention I’m an uncle again?

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My nephew Flynn has a new little brother: Oscar, born on Wednesday morning (28 Feb – lucky he missed on one being one of those timewarp kids born on a 29th, eh?) after an agreeably quick labour. Good lad, that one! Momma Sonnie and little Oskie are both doing just peachily. We visited today for lunch and all-important baby-cuddling time.

And even though I prepared ahead and wore my extremely ugly Battlestar Galactica T-shirt that came free with the Season 1 boxed set, Oskie still managed to pick Fiona’s shirt to vomit milk all over. Little trooper.

March 2, 2007

State of my brain

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I went to my first counselling session yesterday. I suspect it will be my last. Although the counsellor was sympathetic and understanding and got right to the heart of the issues I’m having with work, she couldn’t really offer me any better advice than I’ve already worked through on my own.

In any case I think the most stressful part of the crisis has probably passed. There’s still too much work to do, too great a weight of expectations and too little control over the whole deal, but I think I have successfully repositioned my perspective from “This is my problem” to “This is a problem, but the abject lack of planning to resolve it or of its foreseeable conclusion are not my problem. Shut up and finish those contracts that were due three weeks ago.”

I’m still not really sleeping properly, but at least the conclusion above has helped me to avoid feeling sick whenever I think about work.

i me a River

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On a Sunday afternoon punctuated by violent storms and amusing stress headaches, I indulged in a (reasonably rare) flirtation with eBay and bought myself a reasonably inexpensive iRiver mp3 player. Not especially because I need an mp3 player – although it was nice to walk to work and listen to my gaming podcasts this morning, rather than read a book, because the ground was really muddy and I kind of needed to watch where I was going for once – but because now I have a digital voice recorder.

I’ve been wanting some sort of portable recording device for a while now. I do my best thinking while I’m walking, and when I’m thinking about games (or, less commonly these days, about writing) I find it extremely awkward to stop and write things down. If I could just whip out a dictaphone and snap out a “Diane, I need to plan a Call of Cthulhu adventure featuring the reincarnated mummies of the Queen of Sheba’s handmaidens and thirty possessed eskimoes riding polar warbears”, that would be sweet. Because really, who’s going to remember that five minutes later?

I may also use it to record game sessions, to help me recall what happened later. I have my doubts that the sound quality will be such that they would be especially audible for general listening, but they will probably be sufficiently clear to help with doing game writeups later. And you never knopw, they might actually of good enough quality to preservefor posterity.

The recordings, that is. I make no claims about the quality of the games themselves.

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