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April 1, 2007

Oh, right, that update

Okay, I might have said I was going to do an update during the day, but then I got all busy and stuff. Maybe I should pretend those good intentions were an April Fool’s joke. But instead I should probably just admit that I got distracted by new episodes of House and the Doctor Who. (By the way, if you’re reading this when you should be impatiently downloading the first episode of the new season of DW, your priorities are clearly dangerously skewed).

So, past couple of weeks, summarised:

  • Work – still not coping, but things are looking up. I had a chat with the embedded psychologist on Friday – that helped a bit. He recommended learning some meditation techniques, but managed the very neat trick of convincing me that it was practical advice rather than the  rather feeble suggestion made by the previous counsellor that I should attempt to minimise my stress. That’s all very well, but unless I actually stop going to my job, the job being the source of all my stress, it’s not altogether straightforward how to approach that suggestion. I will give the meditation thing a shot though.
  • Family – Dad’s had signs that his myeloma is coming back for a few months. Tests are showing that it’s still in the very early stages and he’s started a course of chemo. It’s likely to be pretty rough on him over the next couple of months. I worry about how Mum’s going to cope looking after him, not to mention keeping him from overdoing it. Dad’s never been that good at just sitting still and letting the medicine do its thing.
  • House – The plasterer and electrician have swept through the lounge and hallway, disconnecting all the light fixtures and resheeting the walls. Over the past few days we’ve started the painting, with two layers of undercoat slapped on so far. Next weekend we start the serious stuff, with probably a couple more layers of ceiling white and the wall colour (peach yellow) to go up. After that we have to attach backing boards above all the doors so that we can mount curtains, paint all the trimmings in bright enamel colours and install new lights and carpet. Preferably as soon as possible, so that we can get our lounge room back. At the moment we’ve crammed ourselves into just the dining area for our living space, which is reasonally comfortable but doesn’t allow for a lot of spreading out space.
  • Furniture – When we’ve finished the lounge, we’re also tossing out a whole bunch of the existing furniture. Fi and I went shopping last weekend and ordered a genuinely scary amount of new furniture. Not bought, mind you – it’s going to take us all year to pay it off, and it also has to be made first. I’ve never actually bought anything that had to be made specially before. It’s a disconcerting feeling.
  • Games – We have our weekly Spirit of the Century game going, which is good and getting better. I am finally starting to get a feel for the system, which is a step (crutch) I usually need to get past before I can really feel comfortable with a new game. I would like to be doing more playing – there are so many good games out there and no shortage of people to play them with – but the whole work drama has been leaving me a bit too drained to be proactive about it. Hopefully that is going to pass soon.
  • Broke – We have officially bought too much stuff, so I can’t quit my job and become a bohemian writer hanging around in cafes and bemoaning things. I’ll have to settle for a couple of double espressos a day and tedious bloggery.
  • NEW DOCTOR WHO! – Nothing specific, I just wanted to remind everyone that there is still good in the world. Also, that Freema Agyeman is terribly terribly hot.

Now I must shower and shave. My flatmates (well, Jimbo) tell me that I look and smell like a hobo. This is probably not an unfair categorisation.


  1. I got to watch the random “making off” show that talked about introducing the new assistant. My hit rate on actually catching episodes is really quite low. Maybe I should read the TV guide.
    I am really impressed with the scale of he house work you are doing.

    Comment by Alix — April 1, 2007 @ 10:10 pm

  2. I believe it’s on at 7:00 pm on Saturday nights on BBC 1. Does that help at all?

    The scale of the housework is actually not as ambitious as at other times. It’s just one room (well, two, but the hall is really not that big and doesn’t have any furniture that needs shifting). However, I expect the transformaytion to be startling – the before and after photos ought to show two completely different living spaces. However, it’s still not as exciting as buying a new house/apartment/townhouse (whatever Goldfish Estate is)!

    Edit: It’s also repeated on BBC3 on Sunday (8:00pm) and again on Friday evening (at 9:00 pm). Yay for teh interwebs.

    Comment by lexifab — April 2, 2007 @ 10:27 am

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