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July 30, 2007

My podcast library, part 1

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In which I evangelise at length the many roleplaying podcasts to which I am addicted subscribed. There’s quite a few of them, hence the “Part 1”, and it’s probably of absolutely no interest to anyone who doesn’t roleplay as their primary social hobby, hence the cut:


July 25, 2007

For future reference

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I’d like to have had time this week to blurt out some bloggage on a variety of subjects (see below), but work has actually kept me pretty busy during the day and during the evenings I’ve been either doing stuff or flaking out early.

Subjects upon which I might be inclined to expound include:

  • Dune, which I finished reading and sort of implied I might review, but I haven’t yet.
  • the last Harry Potter book, which I finished reading and probably won’t review, if only because it’s a bit difficult to discuss without spoilers, and I’m guessing that not too many people would choose to employ a strategy of staying awake ridiculously late on the weekend just to avoid the off chance of having the ending ruined for them
  • I keep wanting to plug a bunch of gaming podcasts that I have been listening to obsessively this year. I know that nobody but me (and maybe two other guys of my acquaintance) cares about this stuff but the hell with it, this is my blog.
  • I played Dogs in the Vineyard for the first time on Monday night and can’t pour enough superlatives on it; admittedly I had some foreknowledge of the setting and assumptions, but it runs ways more smoothly and facilitates far better roleplaying than I imagined it could. Easy to see why it’s a classic of the new wave hippie indie story games – it delivers on its promises.
  • This reminds me that I still haven’t done that Burning Wheel preview I promised Clam. Time does seem to be running out to get that done before I actually play it, on Friday night.
  • I seem to have stumbled into a game of Burning Empires, which is a big budget science fiction version of BW (not really, but that’s a decent enough shorthand explanation). If I review BW, I probably need to review BE as well, because it’s similar in system, but the differences are quite remarkable.

So there you are. This entry is mainly a reference for me to follow up on later when I have a bit of time.

So how are things with you?

July 18, 2007

The joys of being back at work

Two days off with something that was a bit like the flu, but didn’t last all that long. Back at work today. Feel like garbage, but’s that’s probably because I was stupid enough to get on the exercise bike this morning after lying in bed for two days.

Took Fi down to get Joey’s 20-week ultrasound this morning. Fingers and toes all look to be in place. Will get the update in a couple of days. Joey is still a twitchy little urchin, but you would be too if people kept pushing you around with a sonic prodamajig.

NSW apparently had its coldest days on record during the last week (I might have misunderstood the specifics, but in general it was certainly very cold). Great time for our heater to pack it in. Luckily we have a fireplace and a stockpile of old tree parts (not to mention a couple of electric heaters) so everything was fine. Except for the possum who lives in our chimney, who was cruelly turned out to fend for itself. It’s still around – I heard it fighting with a cat last night. I suspect now that the fire is out it’ll be back before too long.

Our main shipment of furniture arrived last night – dining table, coffee table, lamp stand. They look beautiful. And they are heavy, heavy, heavy. And dice make a good noise when they land on them. We now need to restore the rooms they’re in to their proper working state (i.e. remove all the extraneous crap that has built up in there).

The Friday night PTA game was called off, on the grounds that the rulebook, along with the character sheet and my notes, has disappeared. Since I didn’t loan it out, it’s obvious kicking around the place somewhere (I expect the aforementioned tidy up will uncover it). It wasn’t that great a loss – we were struggling with it and I think our decision to bravely soldier on with it would have proven painful had it not turned out to be impossible.

Instead we’ve decided to start a campaign of Burning Wheel, which means I suppose that I ought to do that pre-play review I promised Dr Clam a while ago. The game will be set in the small but flourishing community that has sprung up around a newly-accessible ancient city full of untold riches, archeological wonders and horrible monsters – it’s basically Deadwood-meets-Undermountain. The PCs are all colourful locals who’ve been deputised as the town’s part-time constabulary – initially at least the plots will revolve around petty crimes and external threats like orc warbands (which are extremely non-petty in the Burning Wheel system), but expect to see a warning lable with Political, Religious and Sorcerous Themes to go with the High Level Coarse Language and Some Violence.

Meanwhile, in deference to the working title I labelled this entry with, I am back at work with nothing having happenened in my absence and nothing much to do now that I am here. I am okay with this, as it gives me more opportunity to read all the things that may become relevant at some point, and to tidy up my desk for the move on Friday. This will, I hope, be the last time I have to relocate for the remainder of the year.

July 11, 2007

Things seem quiet

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Not much news at the moment. Joey has started to make tentative kicks, which is exciting on those rare occasions that they are externally detectable. Fi spends much of her time being extremely tired. My impression is that both phenomena are here to stay. 

Mission Impossible (I still haven’t come up with a better name) continues to be somewhat amorphously defined and difficult to get a grip on. Owing to the big bosses not having reviewed a key document yet, things are in limbo. I go to a lot of meetings with people, most of which stray off into vague chats about the future of the agency.

Not much news from Dad either. He’s been getting antibiotics to clear up any lingering infections (such as ones relating to speargrass seeds and passing bouts of pneumonia) so the stem cell treatment hasn’t started yet. Should know a bit more about the timing after I speak to Mum today. They’re both in Townsville now, for at least a couple of months, while the treatment continues.

No games at the moment. Aww. But at least I am now reading Dune again. It’s good. I forgot about the neat bit of the Bene Gesserit seeding native populations with quasi-mystical legends about themselves as a precaution in case any of their number ever needed cult support. I love the book, though I do think that Herbert occasionally gets a little indulgent in his use of drug-trip-detachment stream-of-consciousness in some of his descriptive passages, which I think in turn led to David Lynch’s unfortunate overuse of narration for internal monologue in the movie version. Then again, the movie version has Patrick Stewart as the bard-assassin Gurney Halleck, so criticism of David Lynch is clearly misplaced and stupid.

Where was I? Oh yeah, avoiding work.

July 6, 2007


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It’s Jimbo’s birthday today. Be sure to wish him a happy day, even though I think he’s at work and will therefore probably not actually be enjoying himself as such.

July 4, 2007

Reformation of the Corporate

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So after a couple of days of attending meetings and reading policy papers on how we’re reforming over the next few years, I now have a more or less rough notion of what it is that I will be expected to do in my new position. Basically it boils down to “walk around with a project timeline and politely ask people whether they are going to make their deadlines or not”.

This is likely to involve somewhat more social contact than I have previously managed in 8 years in [this small Government agency]*. But it should be good. I like to wander about and have a chat, so it will be interesting to see if doing that for a job will actually feel like a worthwhile occupation.

In news sort of just to hand, Ev’s other band, The People People, has a new song on the Triple J Unearthed charts, and it’s gotten up as far as number 3 (though it’s slipped back a bit since then). Do them a favour and go and download it and listen to it and rate it and such. It ups their chances of actually getting airplay, and maybe breaking into the big time and making squillions of dollars to blow on coke and learjets. Wowser alert: it has a rude name and a lot of that swearing that the kids admire these days. But it’s very boppy and cool, so just live with it!

* Note the highly sophisticated Googleproofing techniques!

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