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January 16, 2008

Uh, where did that “holiday” go?

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I’m going back at work on Monday after what I cannot quite believe was a six week break. Where the hell did that time go again? I vaguely recall some bright lights, some loud noises and about thirty thousand nappies, but surely the time can’t be up already?

Ah crap.

Happily for my sanity, Emma’s taken the reins of Tuesdeay night gaming, running a Burning Wheel campaign in the piratically-inclined fantasy community of Freeport (the location that has the guts to answer the question of “What’s better that pirates?” with a dramatic escalation to “pirates + nightmarish Lovecraftian cults”). We’re all playing pirates of some sort or another (well, my character’s a failed cougar smuggler, which is not a well-recognised piratical variant, but whatever) and it’s tremendous fun. The BW system really is good for just encouraging you to take chances with your character’s fate and embrace the life-affirming probability of failure in a way that few games emphasize.

Probably just as well it’s only once a week though, given the amount of sleep I’m still not getting.

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