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February 21, 2008

I can haz legion now?

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I forgot to mention that I have a new haircut that makes me look like Mark Antony (except, y’know, probably on the whole not as good looking as James Purefoy).

That is all.

Late edit: Andrea’s comment is, of course, on the money:

February 18, 2008

Ten great things in gaming that you neither know nor care about – Parts 1-2

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Anyone who’s read more than three consecutive Lexifab entries will be aware that I do as much roleplay gaming as my sparse time and limited energy for seeking opportunities and organising people will allow. With as much of the rest of my time as possible, I rather enjoy reading about what’s happening in the roleplaying world, which usually means America-with-a-side-order-of-Europe-and-the-faintest-of-dashes-of-cultural-backwaters-like-Australia. This usually involves trawling the depths of internet discussion groups, design journals and commentator’s blogs. Like virtually everything on the internet, these various resources are a jumble of useful information, infantile ego clashes, sinister misinformation, groundless speculation, boundless creative joy, idiotic misunderstandings, wilful ignorance, communal goodwill and vicious snark. Ah, what would I do without them?

I am conscious that, for whatever reason, not everyone has the time, patience or remotest interest in replicating my gaming research habits. And to be sure, to delve into discussion groups – on subjects such as “Stupidest person you ever gamed with” and “Why halflings are more offensive to Ukrainian gamers than gnomes” or arguments about whether the ultimate face on a d10s should read ‘0’, a ’10’ or a ’00’ on one face – is to risk rapid and traumatic loss of sanity. However, there are a few pearls out there at the moment that are worth dredging to the surface and flogging to the tourists, so to save you some trouble to which you almost certainly never conceived of going, I hereby present a handy list of the New Cool on Gaming, after the cut. If you don’t care, my next entry will no doubt be about babies or cricket. (Warning: this really is seriously long)

Fading back in again

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Look what happens – a week without a blog entry and all the news starts getting away from you. Look at all the things I could have ranted, raved or otherwise sacrificed time, sanity and bandwidth pontificating on: the emotion of the stunningly overdue Stolen Generations apology, the comparison of Rudd’s heartfelt eloquence and political astuteness versus Nelson’s clumsy sincerity and somewhat oafish defensiveness, the hilarity of Tony Abbott and Wilson Tuckey personifying the venomous shitserpent coiled at the miserable festering heart of the government of the last ten years, or Connor manfully toughing out his first set of immunisation shots.

It was a pretty big week. Wish I’d been more awake for it. Will try harder this week.

February 6, 2008


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For some reason I always thought that the image of a mother duck leading a clutch of ducklings in a neat and orderly line was somehow a cartoon fiction based on no kind of real world animal behaviour.

 It was somewhat to my astonishment then to observe two adult ducks (one presumably a female parent) escorting eight or ten fuzzy little featherballs along the footpath on my way to work this morning. They were pretty comfortable around humans too, because the only sign that they were even aware of my presence – about two metres away – was for one of the adults to cut in front of a straying duckling who had started to waddle towards me. then off they went, up the street.

I half dread walking home this afternoon and discovering that for all their worldly confidence, the parental ducks were not up to the task of shepherding their flock across the busy roundabout ahead of them. Hopefully my disquieting lack of faith is misplaced.

February 2, 2008

Don’t ask about the writing. It’ll depress me.

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Time’s a bit short at the moment. There is either work, or there is baby-minding/cleaning/cooking/sleeping at home. There is little else. I’m not complaining – the novelty of having a baby boy hasn’t worn off yet, and presumably one gets used to the constant wear of fatigue – but there’s not a hell of a lot of time in my life right now for churning out sparkling prose (you’ve noticed, I’m sure).  Even when there are a few moments of respite, I’m using them for unproductive things like rest and eating rather than getting back to the Sawl story.

I’m confident this phase will pass. In the meantime I am getting some useful reading done, so the time isn’t totally wasted, but sooner or later I am going to have to do some serious revisions to my time management habits. You can fritter away an awful lot of productivity on unimportant shit like sleep.

That was a joke.

Anyway, more racing around to do. It’s nephew Flynn’s birthday party tomorrow, which kind of snuck up on us, so there’s some shopping for a six year old to do, and we have to return the elaborate new coffee maker we bought about two weeks  ago, because the steam pump appears to have packed it in. This requires immediate remedial action, as I am currently surviving on caffeine-support and cannot be disconnected from said device for long periods.

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