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April 24, 2008

On the Cusp

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Oh, by the way, you NEED TO KNOW that Jimbo and Champ have a web site and junk, where you can purchase T-shirts with inscrutable captions pregnant with significance and occasional coarse language.

Of greater importance, Jimbo has beaten me to the punch with a web comic called On the Cusp, which is annoyingly funny.

Awa’ up north

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Holiday time! The nerdfarmers are packing up and heading up to a beach house somewhere in the vicinity of Coffs Harbour for a week, there to enjoy the sun (overlooking the small fact it’s been raining solidly there for the last three weeks) and the company of Evan and the delightful Sara-Jane, whose culinary efforts at the same venue last year were recorded for posterity!

We’re leaving at some ridiculous hour of the morning, although since it’s Anzac Day there’s a good chance we won’t have the pre-dawn roads to ourselves the way we otherwise might. Because we have the bub with us, we’re breaking the trip up overnight with a stay in the Hunter Valley, and probably taking it very slowly and in a painfully large number of stages as well. Although you never know your luck – it may turn out he travels well, which means we’ll have a bit more time for sightseeing in Cessnock or wherever the hell we end up.

So, things will be quiet for the week, not that Lexifab is exactly a racing pulse of activity at other times…

April 15, 2008

First of the Winter Bugs

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Lo, I am stricken with some coldish-fluey ailment. Only a mild case, I’m forced to admit, but I have a sore and swollen throat, creaking joints, occasional bouts of coughing and sneezing and general run-downness. Now I’m not one to not complain, but I do concede that at least for the moment I have it easier than The Boy, who has been sniffling and coughing and sneezing (and probably infecting) since the middle of last week, and Der Simonster, whose bouts of dizziness were yesterday diagnosed as something with “labyrinth” in the name, which I believe might be minotaurliosis or hedge-maze brain.

I’m not a doctor, but I could roll one up and play him with startling conviction.

I would have bunked off work, but the deadline for the project I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks has been brought forward several days, so instead of having the rest of the week to tighten it up I have today.

With Mum and Dad visiting last week, things were pretty full on with the dinners and get-togethers and suchlike, so it would be nice to imagine that things will be a bit more settled this week, but I somehow doubt it. Everything we do these days seems to wear us out.

We went out to our friend Ange’s 40th birthday party last Saturday night – dressed up, at an evening spot, with alcohol and small talk, the full bit. We were totally stuffed and bailing out less than two hours later!

So. Very. Lame.

April 7, 2008

There must be an invisible world

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If you dropped by here sometime over the weekend, you might remember there was a more recent post than the Obama one down below, one which included a photo to boot.

You didn’t imagine it – there was a server migration sometime in the last day or so, which didn’t bring across very recent content. His Aliaslessness is on top of it – Joey’s alarming publicity shot and the other stuff I blogged about will be restored in due course, don’t you worry about that.

In other (not really spoilery but proceed at own risk) news, the first episode of the fourth season of Doctor Who screened at our place last night. It contains the funniest silent conversation sequence since the bit in the lecture theatre in the Buffy episode ‘Hush’. I guffawed, I really did.

April 1, 2008

Mama never told me there’d be days like these

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Well, that’s not true, is it now? Actually, come to think of it, she went out of her way to make note of the fact that I would finally be getting repaid by the universe for being a fractious and difficult child, her thought being that karmic compound interest is something in the nature of a genetic inheritance.

Whatever. The point is, I’m knackered.

Pretty much my entire time now is spent either nursing the baby – whose behaviour, I must admit, is frequently angelic, except for certain occasions when it isn’t – or staring with mute incomprehension at computer screens. I have no attention span for reading, and my slightly sporadic gaming opportunities have lacked a bit of fire lately (through no fault of my play companions, I hasten to add. This is all down to my own dismally enervated state).

Which is all just a side-of-mouth rationalisation for my complete lack of interest in doing what I’m supposed to be doing at work this week, a lack of motivation compounded by the fact that both my supervisors are out of the country on what will likely be a stimulating and informative field trip. Not that I am jealous, per se (I’ve been to Manila for work before, so I’m all like ‘meh’), but I have to say that lacking the immediacy of someone else to talk to who can help keep me focused on the task at hand, I’m struggling to give a shit.

Hopefully soon I can be fired up by the fear that upon their return there will be a certain amount of incontrovertible evidence of my having comprehensively loafed and achieved nothing all week.

Come on, lousy guilt-based motivation techniques! Work already!

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