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May 29, 2008

Game-fried but satisfied

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Completely and utterly knackered as usual – it’s just gone 10 pm and as soon as I finish typing this I’m heading to bed, which is layer upon layer of lameness, but I digress – but I need to note that this has been a really satisfying week for gaming.

On Tuesday night we finished up Emma’s Burning Freeport game, which combined the yummy and nourishing tastes of Burning Wheel and Pirates of Freeport by way of Lovecraftian cults, grotty pirates and an unusually high incidence of missing family members. The session culminated in Jimbo’s sorceror Quentin making an extrememly demonstrative use of the BW’s “magic goes wrong” rules to turn a weather wizard’s emphatic gesture into the destruction by lightning of an ancient ziggurat temple. Throw in some cougar attacks, long lost fathers and sword fights and you get a game that oscillated wildly between drama and farce. Which is just as it should be.

Wednesday night saw the first session of the new Burning Empires game we’re calling Burning Szürkület which mixes an inexplicable Hungarian flavour with some Cold War tension, religious inquisitions and of course mind-controlling alien brain-worms. First session was slow, which is to be expected as everyone finds their feet, but early signs are good that it will be intense, vicious and highly entertaining. Much to my amusement, my character in the game has the remarkable distinction of having a more boring fictional job than my real world career – he’s a planetary treasurer prosecuting war criminals for tax irregularities. Let’s hear it for escapist fantasising! Rock and roll! (Of course, there are also several characters with backgrounds as war heroes or criminals, many of whom have access to tanks, and a couple of others who appear intent on owning fighter aircraft, so it’s likely to escalate up from court cases about land management improprieties to episodes of horrific violence in short order).

In the next week we’re also going to get in some Best Friends (a game of nasty backstabbing BFFs I got Emma for her birthday). We’ll be playing lesser-known companions of the Doctor. It will be awesome.

In our little circle of local gamers, there are so many cool indie games that I want to try out with my limited gaming time – Steve is pushing the depressing game about Polish teenagers in the Warsaw uprising, while I have the one about college professors competing for tenure egged on by a malevolent ancient Sumerian cockroach-god, and everyone is talking about the “sorta like Conan meets 1001 Nights” one about oracles – and yet all I can think about is the fact that the new D&D books will be out in just one week. Any why not? I hear that rangers kick arse in this version.

I need sleep. Obviously.

PS: Oh crap, the Family Guy Star Wars Special is on TV. Oh well. No sleep for me.

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