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July 23, 2008

The storm has a name

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Oooh, interesting. West End Games, purveyors of that classic 90’s game that we played the absolute living shit out of back in the day – Torg – have gone belly-up and are selling off all their properties.

There’s some very intriguing discussion going on about the interwebz about buying up the rights and releasing Torg as open content (i.e. able to be used gratis by anyone, and even repackaged and resold if you can be bothered). Now, I’m not going to suddenly dream my little dreamy dreams of RPG entrepreneurship and cough up an arm and a leg for a more or less dead chunk of intellectual property no matter how many times you slap down a Drama card and bellow “Glory!” (apart from anything else, the story of the last guy who did exactly that is a cautionary tale, which led tragically and inexorably to the current sell-off) but I have to say that the idea that the game could have a bit of a revival through open source development and updating is pretty fracking thrilling to me. This was *the* great pulp game of my halcyon days, and I doubt I’m the only one from those days and that circle of friends who would say that.

The fact that it could be out there again – not to mention the other WEG gems like the D6 and Masterbook systems and the Shatterzone and Bloodshadows properties – pleases me oddly.

It’s also interesting to learn that it was Big In Japan: check out this discussion from Andy Kitkowski (who rocks for many reasons) in which he outlines what he might do with the property (which would kick arse) and scroll down to the cool anime covers from the various worldbook releases. Neat!

Ah, nostalgia! I must be a middle-aged gamer…

July 22, 2008

Bigshot business types

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Loan refinancing docs have been submitted. Soon we will have access to a startling quantity of money for the purpose of property investment. Then comes the actual hard work of, you know, identifying and purchasing and (possibly) renovating said properties, which seems all the more daunting on several successive nights of bad sleep (yes, again!).

This would probably all seem less threatening had I managed to see The Dark Knight yet, but I haven’t.

July 18, 2008


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At home. Sick. Back spasms, nausea, CPS*

Baby is well, though spent last night backsliding from his recent sleep progress. Mother and father unamused.

* Old joke. Don’t ask.

July 14, 2008

“Heat the room, not the baby”

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Good advice per Our Dave in London. Yesterday we took the probably-overdue step of shifting the lad’s cot into the spare room next to ours and leaving him to sleep on his own.

Mixed results so far. He was restless and woke up screaming pretty regularly up until midnight, but then after his three am milk he did something rather unexpected. He slept through. We actually had to wake him up (perhaps not so surprising, the little bugger must have been exhausted after more than a week of not getting nearly enough sleep).

It’s early days yet. We’re trying the soft music route – a mixed CD on repeat played all night, which may or may not have helped – and to not automatically pick him up every time he gets upset (that’s me, mainly). Hopefully we can establish some better sleeping habits and not keep reinforcing the bad ones.

I tell you what though – that four or five straight hours of uninterrupted sleep was pretty sweet. I feel something akin to human this morning.

July 11, 2008

Surprise wealth

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As part of our plans to restructure the mortgage and get into property development, we had a valuation done on our house this week. Slightly surprising result – it’s apparently worth several tens of thousands more than what we had been worried was a slightly optimistic estimate on our part. Nice to know that, even in a half-renovated state, it’s actually proven to be a sensible investment (as well as a nice place that we have no intention of moving away from, obviously).

So, probably without further ado, we can move one step closer to our empire building project. I’m looking forward to it.

July 9, 2008

So cold

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There’s been a bit of a cold snap hit Canberra this week, more or less coinciding with several nights in succession in which our little boy has let us have less than four hours sleep (much less, if I’m not prone to exaggeration by way of extreme exhaustion).

I don’t *think* there’s a connection between the outside chill and the total imperviousness to Morphean influences. Our room’s not the warmest in the house, but he’s wrapped up pretty snugly most fo the time and it doesn’t seem to make any difference when we move him into the warmed waterbed with us, he’s still ratty. He doesn’t seem to have any more teeth coming through, either, so it’s probably not that he’s in pain. He just won’t bloody go to sleep.

It’s having an affect on my ability to concentrate at work, naturally. If I didn’t have people coming around and asking me questions every ten minutes, I’d probably just stare blankly at my monitor all day until my retinas snowed out.

Fortunately, as it’s cold, and as my building continues to fail to adequately compensate for the downward shift in temperature, I’m needing to drink a lot of hot tea and coffee during the day, which helps with the staying awake as well as the not turning into an icicle.

Gosh, that really rambled, didn’t it?

Clearly I need a cuppa.

July 7, 2008

The birthday season continues

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Jimbo’s birthday was yesterday. We threw a dinner party, and came tantalisingly close to perfecting the preparation of the Chinese 5-Spice Duck dish we have been working on for something like three years now. Obviously we need to have more dinner parties.

Afterwards, the guests retired to the lounge to enjoy the final episode of the current season of Doctor Who. I won’t spoil anything specific, but I can only wonder what Jimbo’s non-Who watching friend Ryan made of the somewhat strong continuity references resolving four years worth of relationship dramas. Mind you, there were an awful lot of explosions as well, so perhaps the casual viewer would not be too worried. I might come back to this after the series has finished screening in Australia.

And now, back to my spreadsheets! Oh, the colours!

July 2, 2008

Birthday loot

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I already mentioned the stuff Fi and I got for ourselves, but there was a bit of a birthday loot haul on top of the electronic paraphenalia:

Der Simonster got me a T-shirt, but it’s a visual gag, so go look rather than have me fail to describe it. Also it’s a Marvel comics joke, so if you don’t think you’d get one of those, you almost certainly won’t. But I thought it was pretty funny.

ChrisT and MizEmma combine forces with astonishingly good timing to get me the stupendously nerdy Hobby Games: The 100 Best, a collection of essays by game designers about the game designs that inspired them. Yeah, I know, nobody you’ve ever met would give a toss about that, but I was delighted. The book won an Origins Award* over the weekend (on my birthday, probably) and I’d been thinking as I read that news that I’d really like to read it myself one of these days (and knowing with a fair degree of certainty that I probably wouldn’t get it for myself). So cheers, y’all!

* Yes, I am aware that you probably don’t know what one of these is, either. But it’s a pretty big deal in the tiny tiny fishpond of the gaming hobby-industry.

July 1, 2008

“Snow” day

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Ha ha ha! The weather outside has turned murderous, with gale force winds and frequent downpours of sleet.

Come to think of it, that would only be funny if I had remembered to pack myself some lunch today and didn’t have to venture out for food right now.

If you get a weird SMS from me in the next hour, I am desperately trying to summon help to dig me out of collapsed building, flash flood or avalanche.

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