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July 23, 2008

The storm has a name

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Oooh, interesting. West End Games, purveyors of that classic 90’s game that we played the absolute living shit out of back in the day – Torg – have gone belly-up and are selling off all their properties.

There’s some very intriguing discussion going on about the interwebz about buying up the rights and releasing Torg as open content (i.e. able to be used gratis by anyone, and even repackaged and resold if you can be bothered). Now, I’m not going to suddenly dream my little dreamy dreams of RPG entrepreneurship and cough up an arm and a leg for a more or less dead chunk of intellectual property no matter how many times you slap down a Drama card and bellow “Glory!” (apart from anything else, the story of the last guy who did exactly that is a cautionary tale, which led tragically and inexorably to the current sell-off) but I have to say that the idea that the game could have a bit of a revival through open source development and updating is pretty fracking thrilling to me. This was *the* great pulp game of my halcyon days, and I doubt I’m the only one from those days and that circle of friends who would say that.

The fact that it could be out there again – not to mention the other WEG gems like the D6 and Masterbook systems and the Shatterzone and Bloodshadows properties – pleases me oddly.

It’s also interesting to learn that it was Big In Japan: check out this discussion from Andy Kitkowski (who rocks for many reasons) in which he outlines what he might do with the property (which would kick arse) and scroll down to the cool anime covers from the various worldbook releases. Neat!

Ah, nostalgia! I must be a middle-aged gamer…


  1. wow, the possibilities!

    Comment by polly — July 24, 2008 @ 1:52 pm

  2. Heh 🙂

    Comment by lexifab — July 24, 2008 @ 3:35 pm

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