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October 22, 2008

Frantic home visit

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After being away all weekend in Sydney with the lads last weekend, I’ve had a frantic couple of days back home trying to catch up on sleep (badly), get stuck into a bunch of work (with mixed success) and get domestic stuff squared away before zipping off back to Sydney from early tomorrow morning.

Honestly, I have no idea how rock stars live like this. Maybe they have people to whip up emergency batches of pasta-based baby meals.

The work front has not been helped much at all by a sleep-deprived bout of utter crabbiness over the last couple of days. I have just been in the foullest mood. Mainly I’ve managed to restrain myself to only taking it out on a couple of hapless twonks on the interwebs, but it’s probably just as well I didn’t run across any (justifiably) gloating supporters of the Indian cricket team. I might have provoked an international incident.

I had the weird experience today of hearing my own words (tiny, boring chunk of a long, boring policy summary) parrotted by the head of my agency to an audience of more than a thousand people, here and overseas. It’s curious. I’ve never had an opportunity (albeit inadvertant) to have my words reach so many people – so many squirming, uncomfortable people who wished they were anywhere else listening to anything else.

I get all the crap mutant powers.

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  1. This would be a good opportunity to think up some crap mutant powers, but all I can think of is Bug Boy from Evil Inc. – with the power to bug people. http://www.evil-comic.com/archive/20080922.html

    Comment by jenny — October 23, 2008 @ 9:58 am

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