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November 17, 2008

Quick update

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Snatching a very brief window here while Fi looks after the baby to get this up to date. Sorry about the infrequent bloggage – in theeory I should be able to slap down an entry every day, but this week I’ve been either technologically inept (really, why do these things need a manual switch to turn off the wireless – and how did I manage to switch mine off considering it sits in one place most of the time? Incompetence, I guess) or busy with a variety of distractions, Joey first and foremost. It’s taken me two days to get this paragraph written, to give you some idea. It’s not easy writing about six words in a session…

Some sad news on Saturday: Mum’s aunt Bee, who would have turned ninety this week, died yesterday. She had been in decline for quite a few years but was, in the vernacular, a tough old bird. A lifelong heavy smoker, veteran wartime nurse, widely travelled – Bee packed a lot of life into her years. To me she was a bit of a cypher – she could be very cheerful, especially in the company of my grandmother Nan, and she had a cynical dry wit that had an obvious appeal for me, but she could also be quite sharp and didn’t always approve of some of our behaviour as kids. I think that might have been about never having had a family of her own. In later years she and I bonded over the cricket though – we never had any difficulties chatting together through a Test match. She’s lived with serious illness for the last few years, and I gather that she was more than ready for the end, so it’s good that she didn’t have to suffer any longer. But I do wish I’d had a chance to see her again.

In happier news, Fi and I have officially entered the property business – we’ve had an offer accepted on a block of flats in Tamworth. Very small, very simple accommodation, very much at the lower end of the rental market, but they should be able to both pay for themselves and help us pay off our home loan faster, so hooray. I’m fairly certain this was the right way to go, especially given the surprising horrors of the share market of late. I think we’re past the point where we are concerned that we aren’t doing the right thing – but now we’re moving into the scary Just Do It phase. I keep telling myself that if we can survive the paperwork with our sanity and confidence intact, we should be good.

If anyone (and I know there are a few of you out there) wondering why old Flashie hasn’t been seen striding manfully about Middle-Earth of late, it’s because I made what should not have been the surprising discovery that my LotRO account did indeed expire sometime in the last week. So that’s it for another MMO. It’s pretty clear to me that there won’t be remotely enough time to resume my online exploits any time in the perceivable future, even though there are some attractive options out there (not least the expansions for both LotRO and WoW). Luckily, there are a few PS3 games floating about the house now to keep me occupied in my scant spare hours. Including Guitar Hero World Tour, which is piece by piece giving me an unexpected opportunity to develop my drumming skills, of all things. I suck pretty bad at it so far, but I can handle criticism…

NaNoWriMo: You will please express no suprise to learn that I have not written a word. Has anyone else taken a shot at it?

Fiona started back at work today, after a year’s maternity leave. I only mention it to caution that you should probably not ask how that’s going.

November 16, 2008

Wedding of the Century – Part 3

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Veronica was up first, with a video log (set to music, naturally) of her relationship with Andrew, complete with the extraordinarily beautiful pre-wedding test photos that had been taken a few weeks earlier in order to test the cameras. I blame the fact that I was still recovering from my “being on stage” jitters that I can’t remember more of the details, although it did have several of the funniest photos of Andrew I’ve ever seen. It was a loving tribute to their (semi-secret) courtship and, somewhat carried away by the occasion, I was starting to tear up a bit by the time it was done. Lovely.

And then Andrew, whom you may recall me mentioning is a 100% insane person, did this, which you should watch in order to understand that I am not calling him mad lightly.

Wedding Video

Watch it, please, all the way past the science jokes, the unbelievably nerdy and catchy song, the (ahem) dreadful cameo appearances by yours truly – and through to the finish, which must be seen to be believed. Not that we are talking spoilers here, but I will talk about what is going on in that video after the cut:


November 10, 2008

Year with the Boy – Day 1

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I’m officially a…whattaya call ’em? House husband, Mister Mom, stay-at-home dad? One of those, I guess, although probably not the one that hangs around with a hot young Teri Garr and later becomes Batman. I will continue to live in hope on that score, however.

So far things are going to plan, in that no major injuries have been sustained or fires started. Of course, this is my handover week, during which Fiona gleefully shows me the ropes and then leaves me to get on with not screwing things up. Next week I am on my own (well, except for the wonders of mobile telephony and the fact that Jimbo is also here and probably help me with the extinguishers before things get out of control).

My circumstances are complicated somewhat by the fact that our Joey has chosen the past week or so to begin standing and to experiment with leaning precariously against hard wooden furnishings in order to reach forbidden electronic devices (of which temptation our loungeroom has many exciting specimens). He’s already fallen and bonked his noggin several times, and discouraging him from throwing himself full tilt into concussion seems to occupy a fair amount of time.

We’re also trying to persuade him that it is okay if he spends the night in his own cot rather than in bed with us, because frankly we could use a bit less of getting kicked in the ribs all night. And also because having to lie on our sides to make room all night is starting to cause us both neck problems. Fingers crossed, a lack of night time hysterics might not be a totally impossible habit to form.

Other than that, I am a man of leisure. Ha!

(At this stage, my NaNoWriMo word count stands at “What’s the number for when you haven’t even started thinking about counting yet?”)

So, this is me for the next 13 months, give or take the odd weekend off. I somehow doubt that I will miss going in to work every day, though I suppose the lack of adult human contact (apart from the brother I see every day, that is, and the other one I see once every couple of weeks) might grate once in a while. But at least during the summer I should have cricket on TV to console me as I replace yet another pungent nappy or enter my fortieth consecutive minute of trying to get my little boy to stop yelling and take his nap.

Somewhere in there I still expect to get some writing done though.

November 5, 2008

Thanks America!

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I am satisfied. It is probably too much to hope that the Republican Party will recognise this rout as an utter repudiation of the Bush-Cheney years and go through a period of reflection and thoughtful self-examination (ideally for a period of not less than eight years).

But please, please let this be the last we ever see of Governor Palin. That’s not unreasonable, is it?

I feel kinda sorry for McCain, but the fact that he let his campaign get out of control and fall to shuddering pieces ever since the “fundamentals of the economy” moment suggests to me that he would not have had the wherewithall to go the distance in the presidency.

Worse still, there remained a horribly realistic possibility that President McCain might literally not have gone the distance, in which case we would have Sarah the Prez to endure. And with the greatest respect to my esteemed fellow blogger Dr Clam, I do think that the world has seen quite enough of don’t-know-enough-to-know-that-they-don’t-know-nuthin’ morons in the White House.

I’ll be much happier angrily disagreeing with the policies (particularly foreign) of someone whose intellect and capacity for considered action I can actually respect for a while.

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