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December 31, 2008

So that was 2008, huh?

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I’ve seen worse.

Then again, I’m biased a bit. For the first time in years, I’ve had work to do that wasn’t stultifying, crushingly dull to do all the time (mind you it wasn’t so great that I’m thinking of cutting short my year off to go back to it) and of course we’ve had the pleasureof watching out little boy grow from helpless squalling Joey into…well, the alarmingly mobile snot factory currently tearing around the lunge bouncing his chin and forehead off the hardwood furniture, all with a huge grin on his face.

Next year – well, I resolve to get a bit better at drumming by laying more Guitar Hero World Tour, to get a little bit more exercise by taking the Joey on long walks to amuse and calm him, and, oh, I dunno, shed a couple of kilos or something like that. Let’s not make any rash resolutions about writing a novel*, because the multitude of distractions – such as the baby and the property investment and the renovation and computer games and a large stack of unwatched television series – are all too easily succumbed to**.

Anyway, happy new year and all that. Hope that 2009 works out okay for y’all.

* Regular harassers on that score may be pleased to hear that the urge to write is starting to build a little. Yesterday a found myself looking for a scrap of paper to write some plot notes on. What’s more, I now have some inkling of what it might actually be about, which is of course more than can be said about the previous effort.

** And really, who wants to read novels by people that think it’s okay to finish sentences with prepositions?

December 24, 2008

Ah, strenuous physical labour, how I have missed you.

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Fiona is on holidays, and that means that it’s Project Time. This summer’s exciting duty is restoring the front patio to usable condition – tearing down and replacing the corrugated plastic roofing, rendering the front brick wall, fixing the gutters and (hopefully) clearing the downpipe, and stripping and repainting everything. So of course on Monday I spent the afternoon semi-relevantly cutting back an overhanging tree and carting two tonnes of lumber to the green waste dump so that in a few months time I can buy it back as mulch or something.

Now I ache, and the sanding hasn’t even started yet.

December 16, 2008

Building an empire

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The property investment malarkey continues to present the expected challenges. We have had offers accepted on two places (or sets of places – one’s the apartment block in Tamowrth, the other is a duplex in Adelaide), and as expected nothing much is going smoothly. There’s no chance we’ll have settled anything by the end of the year, though probably we will have exchanged contracts by that stage (after which it’s all over barring acts of God or quantum interference). Also, it turns out that some of the minor problems with one of the properties are not, perhaps, quite as minor as we might have been led to believe, but that’s why you get property and pest  inspections done before too much money exchanges hands.

At this point we are not quite as far along in the empire-building process as we would have liked. It would have been preferable to get a couple of contracts signed by now, so that we could relax a bit over the Xmas break and focus on the renovations (the transparent roofing over the patio and shed needs replacing due to excessive holefulness). Instead it looks like we may have to spend a bit more time doing research, albeit not likely at the expense of the renovations. (This blog, on the other hand…)

Tis the season

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of boozy work lunches. I went to such an engagement today, but having in tow a small child of limited attention span and tolerance for staying in a single place for very long meant that conversation was often curtailed, I had to gulp down my (excellent) penne boscaiola with unseemly haste and I had to leave it at just one glass of superb Malborough sauvignon blanc.

On the plus side, for the duration of our attendance, the Joey was extremely well behaved and socialising well above his usual high flirty standards. Except when he was demanding most of the mushroom from my lunch, that is.

It is good to know that on the rare occasions on which he and I get to go out and see people at lunchtimes, it might not always be a horrific disaster. This is good news, since we have another work luncheon to attend this Friday.

December 14, 2008

Infrequently-marked developmental milestone

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My little boy started his day with a notable achievement – handed a kazoo to inspect while his mother and father dazedly tried to claw their way towards consciousness somewhere near the crack of dawn, he jammed it in his mouth and produced actual noise. Then just to prove that it was not a fluke, he gave us a cheerful grin and did it again.

It’s only a matter of time before he starts waking us with morning reveille, at which point we’ll either take it away from him or let him join Spit.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much (or replaying to phone calls or emails, if you’ve been a bit more proactive in trying to get hold of me). During the day I usually have to cram a handful of critical household chores into the few minutes when Joey isn’t demanding food, fresh clothing, attention or to not go to sleep. I’ve managed to get him to sleep by himself (i.e. not on my lap) a few times, but it’s a chancy business – half the time he wakes up shortly after I put him down, having inadequately rested, after which he becomes impossible, of course. In between those times, I do snatch a bit of time on the internet most days, but usually only just long enough to find out if a real estate agent has gotten back to us telling us that the vendor wants more money, or to see what gaming products that I can’t afford and don’t have the time to play are coming out. Most of the time I just read a page or two of my book to steady the equilibrium.

In all that, blogging hasn’t been get much of a look-in. Don’t even ask about novel writing. I only have time at night, and for the past four weeks I’d have been in bed by nine about half the time. Sooner or later I expect to adjust to the weird baby-wrangling routines, but I doubt that will happen before the new year. The festive season is just a bit too wearying in its own right to help establish a new routine.

All of which is to say, my little boy was a year old this week, but in some ways it feel like more to me.

Still, will try to do better.

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