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February 12, 2009

Not quite a blogless month

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I’m not getting a lot of time for blogging (or anything else much) at the moment. The boy’s going through a high maintenance phase, and what little time is left over is going into completing the various property matters we have on the go.

Really, I just wanted to get a quick entry in before Herr Fellows’ dire prediction about a blogless month came true. So here’s a quick summary:

– The little boy is walking now. And banging his head on the underside of tables, if that screaming is anything to go by…
– The little boy is starting to talk. Or at least, he has several word-like sounds he repeats frequently, the most constant of which is “ite!” (accompanied by pointing at one of the many lights on our ceiling). He does nothing to shake our longheld conviction that he is destined to become an electrician. Or an interior designer, I guess.
– We’ve almost completed three property deals. There’s a staggering amount of paperwork involved. It is almost insanely reckless to atempt to buy three properties at once, in case anyone is wondering.
– After more than a week of (luckily fire-free) sweltering heat here in Your Nation’s Capital, today it’s only just over 20 degrees, which actually feels cold.
– I started my new Burning Wheel campaign last night, a to-become-epic saga about the foundations of a new empire and the corruption, ambition and insanity which threatens to destroy it. So far we’ve had visitations from alien entities conveying doom-laden warnings, terrifying astrological revelations, an ambitious high priestess plotting to usurp a failing pontifex, a conquered city-state simmering with resentment at its forced inclusion in the empire, an island upon which even the houses of heaven cannot look and an emperor showing unsettling signs of apocalyptic madness. It was a pretty low key kickoff session, but it had the nice BW feel of going off in a direction that I completely failed to anticipate. Keeps a GM on his toes, so it does. I’ll put a link to the session report at some point

The boy is now charging about the house going “brrm, brrm”, which I suspect means it’s time for our morning walk.

See you next month, maybe.

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