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May 24, 2009

Lexifab, why have you foresaken us?

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Oh, dear athropomorphised voice of this blog, cease your gentle remonstrations and shut your whine hole. I’m busy.

Well, at least I feel busy, although I can’t really point at anything in particular to support the notion, apart from the very active 18-month old who (I hear from the other room) seems to have just woken up.


May 8, 2009

Now departing Your Nation’s Capital

Gazza and the family have bailed out on Canberra and headed north to more sensible climes, after four or five years hereabouts. Son has been offered the chance to work remotely and has unsurprisingly exercised it, so they’ve packed up and decamped to a location with better access to beaches and a total lack of freezing winters. As I sit here in my dining room shivering and wondering why I’m not under a doona, I can sort of see their point.

They stayed with us on Tuesday night. As you might expect of a household suddenly containing three times as many little boys, the occasion was more frantic and loud than solemn. Everyone was a bit too busy and/or stuffed to really get teary-eyed on the night, though the mood when they headed off first thing the next morning was a bit more melancholy. I suddenly felt like I was only just getting used to actually having them here in the same town as us (which is ridiculous, but there you go).

We are definitely going to miss having the boys around and the Joey is going to have to find someone else to grow up with other than his cousins. It’s going to be strange to go back a few years to the situation where we would have to make a road trip north in order to catch up with them, though of course holiday road trips to visit relatives is a long and proud tradition in our family. We’re not likely to be able to manage it this year, but we’re looking forward to making it a regular thing again.

Haven’t heard from them yet but they should be there by now. I can only imagine what the trip must have been like with two rambunctious boys and an energetic but deaf Staffordshire terrier in the back seat. I guess something like all the road trips from our childhood – which time seems thankfully to have dulled into only pleasant memories – but with airconditioning and better access to bearable music.

Shortly thereafter, the Joey descended onto some kind of sadness-generating sniffles, which apparently necessitated a highly protracted demonstration of the depths of his emotional trauma and personal sadness. So yesterday was just terrific…

Today, however, there was new Lost, and all was right with the world. I am cautiously coming to the happy conclusion that when it finishes next year, it will turn out to have been one of the most remarkable (by which I mean a number of things, not the least of which is “really fucking good”) television programs ever made. Unless they screw it up at the end, that is, which is equally possible.

My winter vegetables have fought off the first of what I expect will be many waves of caterpillars, with some casualties. Everything seems to be coming along, though it’s either the cauliflower or broccoli (the former, I think) which seems to be ahead on points at the moment. The red onions appear to be performing unremarkably, and everything else has at least one or two representatives that are aware they are in a race. Assuming the moths don’t land any reinforcements in the next few weeks, I should have some idea of what’s actually going to turn out some edible produce.

In the meantime, we need to find some time to finish work on the patio before it becomes too cold to actually paint it. Also, we need to finish so that we can start on the next exciting project, which will be converting the garage into a gaming room (albeit one with workbenches and power tools).

Busy busy busy.

(Afterthought: shit, speaking of busy, this week has completely gotten away from me vis a vis Mothers’ Day shopping. Guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow…)

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