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June 29, 2009

Today I am older again

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It has been such a good birthday that I declined an offer of cake. It just didn’t seem necessary.

June 27, 2009

Happy birthday beloved!

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It’s my girl’s birthday today (kicking off the Big Weekend of Birthdays which will end after the weekend is finished with my birthday on Monday) and she is celebrating it as one should, by spending it relaxing about the house wearing her jammies.

Thankfully, the Joey-related drama of the last week or so seems done with. First of all we had the ghastly night-time screaming episodes that at their peak lasted a couple of hours at a time, then we had that plus a cold for a few nights, and then we had just the cold. In retrospect I guess the first few nights could also have been cold-related, perhaps an earache or something, but there were no telltale signs, so it could also have just been an old-fashioned random incidence of extreme toddlerism.

The important part is that normal sleeping patterns have returned, which means that today I don’t feel like a snarling cur. Hooray!

In other happy news, Mz Lindor is now out of hospital, with nothing to show for it but a series of painful tests leading to an anticlimactic diagnosis of…something or other. As she noted, it wasn’t anything she did or didn’t do nor anything she could do anything about and it was not necessarily likely to come back. One can only offer a cautious “hooray” to such ambiguous news, but she seems relatively satisfied with it. She is certainly happy to be out of the hospital, though, which is understandable.

I’ve been a bit out of it all week, which is a shame, because I’ve been dying to write about the contretemps that has raged for the past eight days in Federal parliament, a delicious stew of accusations of corrupt dealings, red-faced righteous indignation, fraudulent evidence and startling reversals of political fortune. Now that the winter break has started and the pollies have all slunk off back home, the heat has drained from the story, but I do want to sound on note of congratulations to the ABC and SBS for steadfastly sticking to their labelling of the whole business as the “OzCar Affair” in the ubiquitous face of the commercial networks’ and tabloids’ ludicrously pedestrian effort “UteGate”. I am moved to suggest that simply suffixing “-gate” to some random reference to any scandal involving political corruption or the suggestion thereof is the lowest common denominator of journalistic sub-editing, from which the self-respecting should automatically retreat.

June 21, 2009

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Andrew has given me a song-writing challenge, so of course I am procrastinating at an Olympic level. I figure I have at least until I see him next to make good on any promises of quality music real or implied, which is whole weeks away. Instead, I’m doing otnher stuff.

  • Because I am just that exciting, I spent the early part of my Saturday night working on renewing my public service security clearance, a painful experience akin to extracting teeth but involving far more photocopying and going through old tax records. Thankfully they only make you do this sort of thing once every five years. Even so, I find myself kind of resenting the fact that I can’t do it on work time.
  • (Come to think of it, I’m on half-pay leave from work, so I guess technically I *am* doing it on work time. That sliver-thin distinction does actually make me feel slightly better).
  • Caught up with old school buddies Nathaniel and Marcus and their families for a quick get-together this morning. Cake and coffee followed by watching our respective offspring endanger themselves on swings and slides in Glebe Park. Was quite a nice day, really.
  • I just spent an hour or so tooling about with the D&D Character Builder application making up my character for the game Jimbo’s about to start running on Tuesday nights. It will replace the rather perfunctory effort I was putting into reading out a series of half-baked adventures directly from Dungeon magazine (I only ran on the proviso I didn’t have to think about it or prepare anything, because I was already running a Burning Wheel game and didn’t really think I had the time to do two games properly). So anyway, I’ll be playing a grumpy old alchemist based on the doctor from Deadwood, because homage must be paid to the works of Brad Dourif.
  • I need sleep, because the Joey has had two big nights of excitingly regressive sleep behaviour. To whit, waking up in the middle of the night screaming and demanding parental attention for hours. If he keeps it up we’re going to have a pretty rough night. The sort of upside was that I got to see a fair bit of the Pakistan-South Africa 20-20 game the other night, but it wasn’t really so good that I wouldn’t have preferred to sleep between midnight and four in the morning instead.
  • Speaking of dear little Stitchface, he’s had his stitches out with no harm done. Looks like he won’t even have much of a scar to impress people with. Jimbo keeps helpfully trying to impress upon him that age-old adage that ‘Chicks dig scars’. So far no reaction.
  • Linda looks like getting out of hospital early next week. Still in good spirits, though the scans still don’t seem to be showing anything particularly definitive. But no news is good news, as I understand it.
  • I’m listening as I type this to the DVD commentary team of David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman wittering over Last of the Time Lords, the final episode of the third season of Doctor Who. With a bit of distance from the rather odd and too-magical resolution, I think it stands up as a very solid ending to the hands-down best sequence of episodes in the entire series to date (starting with the Human Nature two-parter, followed by Blink, followed by the three part season finale. Awesome!). The story is audacious and full of Big Mad Ideas, but for all that is quite tightly plotted (whatever you think of the Doctor’s sparkly restoration from extreme old age, it’s consistent with the internal logic of the story). John Simm’s acting performance is a brilliant balance of utter craziness and infantile vulnerability, and his last scene is just spectacular. Oh, and the revelation about Captain Jack at the end is still deeply, deeply surreal, but it completely works for me. Martha gets a lovely sendoff as well.
  • Side note – the DVD commentary is hilarious. Well worth a listen.

I think the song might have to wait for another day. Not feeling the funny, right at the moment. Oh, and me battery is running out. Night all.

June 17, 2009

This *is* normal service

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A very quick update, on the happy occasion of the restoration of Lexifab functionality, because it’s past my bedtime and I am stonkered. As I mentioned to Andrew, technical glitches with the otherleg site always seem to mysteriously coincide with blogworthy events, and this instance of the site’s absence since last week sometime is no exception:

  • The baby boy (now a startling 18 months old!) took a header into a doorframe on Friday morning and split his forehead open. Hard to say whether the poor little mite was more traumatised by that or by the very unsteady couple of stitches put in at the doctor’s surgery. The event did little to dispel my hard-won prejudices about the relative competence of doctors to undertake simple surgical procedures. Give me a nurse any day…
  • Miz Lindor is currently not particularly enjoying a stay in hospital due to a not-yet-properly-diagnosed complaint causing headaches. Amongst several somewhat awful medical inspections, they at least cancelled the LP, so we have concluded that House’s team have ruled out lupus. Updates when there’ something a bit more concrete.

There’s other less dramatic stuff but it will have to wait until tomorrow or later. I really am knackered.

June 7, 2009

Unresearched things currently passing through my brain (welcome to the internet)

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Whilst Simon and I wait for the cricket to start on the telly, and in a desperate attempt to reignite something vaguely resembling a blogging habit – without resorting to a “new” medium from which in any case my outdated mobile communications appliance is ineligible to participate (i.e. Twitter) – here is a feeble list of stuff that’s been on my mind this week:

Cricket – On the eve of the 20-20 World Cup, Roy’s been kicked off the Australian cricket team (again) for getting boozed up while watching the State of Origin. Sigh. That will have been his last chance comprehensively blown; my guess is that he’s gone for all money now. I’m still going to watch the series and barrack for the Aussies, but his absence will leave a bitter taste. Compensating a little for that disappointment, however, has been the hilarious news that the English hosts have been beaten in the opening match by the non-Test-playing Dutch team…

Politics – Senator John Faulkner has replaced Joel Fitzgibbon as Defence Minister following the latter’s inevitable resignation. It’s been increasingly apparent as this month has rolled on that Mr Fitzgibbon’s biggest problem was not his poor relationship with senior officials in his own department, nor the probably-undeliverable Defence White Paper, but that he was half-arsed about declaring his financial interests. As someone who was up until midnight yesterday working on the household accounts, I have a certain sympathy. But really, how hard is it as a Federal Minister to recognise that accepting free stuff and not transparently keeping your big-shot corporate CEO brother at arm’s length from your Cabinet colleagues is asking for trouble? I understand that he’s been heard to blame his misfortune on “judases” within his own Ministerial Office, but that just begs the question of how far someone who cultivated such loyal and trustworthy working relationships expected to get in politics. If there’s one thing that’s likely, though, it’s that we won’t see Faulkner, the remorseless inquisitor of a thousand merciless Senate Estimates hearings, buggering up his declarations of financial interests.

(Yes, I know Australian politics are a bit dull and generally inconsequential, but there are so many elements of this affair and its precursor events that fascinate me, from the Opposition’s attempts to turn this into the sort of scandal that’s picking British Parliament apart, to the allegations of Chinese spy scandals, to the unfortunate suspension of Faulkner’s crusade to improve government accountability under ironic circumstances, and so on. It’s good stuff if you’re paying attention).

First cricket update – The cricket’s about to start. I may liveblog it just to keep myself awake (bloody live matches from the other side of the world).

Dead celebrities named David Part 1 – Poor David Carradine, eh? I liked his work, particularly in the act of shabby genius that was the original Death Race 2000, but it’s sad that when I heard about the manner of his passing, all I could think of was my favourite quote from one of my favourite episodes of The X-Files, “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”:

  • Bruckman: ‘There are worse ways to go, but I can’t think of a more undignified one than autoerotic asphyxiation.’

Dead celebrities named David Part 2 – Author David Eddings also died this week. Eddings was notable for writing one of my favourite fantasy novel series of my youth – The Belgariad – which he then immediately went on to undermine by writing a sequel five-novel series with the same characters resolving more or less exactly the same problem in pretty much the same way. That would have worked for me, if he hadn’t waited until I was nearly 18 to start writing them. By that time I’d started to learn to recognise when my affections were being cashed in on. Didn’t stop me buying them, of course, but I knew I was being taken for a substandard ride. My only other recollection was having an argument with Herr Fellows back in high school in which I asserted (with some justice though somewhat dubious authority, since at the time I had not read The Lord of the Rings all the way through) that Eddings had a better ear for character voice than Tolkien. I probably wouldn’t attempt to make a similar argument these days, though His Former Clamness should feel free to propose alternative topics of debate.

Final cricket update – Two Australian wickets have fallen in the first over without any runs coming off the bat. This shite would not have stood if Andrew Symonds had been playing, is all I’m saying.

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