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July 8, 2009

Summer in July

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It’s lunch after the first session of the first Ashes Test in Cardiff, with the Australians pretty much on top despite missing Binga and Stuey C from the attack. Probably too early to call the series a whitewash to Australia, I suppose, but the Poms aren’t looking too flash at this point, with three wickets. We’ll see, I guess.

Evan, Andrew and Von will be here for a visit in a couple of days (him for a week, them for just the weekend). It won’t quite be a substitute for our sort-of tradition of shared holidays, but still a terrific break from the current day to day routine. If I have any trepidation about the visit, it’s in wondering how the presence of my little boy will affect how we all get along together. For that matter it will be interesting to see how the Joey reacts to having someone different hanging around the house all day. It might be an interesting juggling act to make sure that I can give everyone the attention they deserve.

Especially if I’m up all night every night watching the Ashes.

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