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August 31, 2009

Oh hello, it’s a milestone.

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Todays marks ten years to the days since Fiona and I first went out.Since that night, we’ve spent barely a day apart (other than when one or the other of us has been out of town). Not to mention that together we’ve bought and renovated a house, done a smattering of world travel and a reasonable amount of swanning about in this country, eaten a lot of fine food and drunk a lot of fine wine, invested in property and – oh yeah, had a beautiful baby boy. Still can’t quite believe that last bit.

It’s been the best ten years of my adult life, no doubt about it. This wonderful woman has kept me sane, helped me grow up (a bit) and given me an appreciation for some of the finer things in life*. In return I’ve given her – well, god knows what she sees in me, really. But I know when I’m on a good thing. We’re still very much in love and planning to stay that way.

Forever, preferably, though I’m a little disappointed in the slower than expected march of technology. Where’s our immortality serum, again?

In what on any other day would not be second banana news, today is also the day we settle on our fourth investment property purchase, a block of flats in Albury. Hopefully we are edging closer to the breed of fantastic super-wealth that will allows to be early adopters of the aforementioned immortality technology, while it’s still cool and edgy. Or something.

* No chance of instilling any fashion sense though. I still dress like a teenage hobo.

August 23, 2009

Forgive me, Father Internet, for I have sinned

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It’s been over a month since my last blog. I confess to the sin of not contributing my due share of lack of content to the groaning black hole og human endeavour that is the internet, or at least my corner of it.

Usual excuse: I’ve been busy. Meagan’s been visiting from Tassie, Fiona’s been home from work and we have been hard at it trying to achieve visible improvements to the appearance of the house. I’ve finally managed to finish the undercoat on the patio, which means if the Canberra climate ever comes to the party and provides clear weather that coincides with any free daylight hours I might actually be able to paint real colours on the beams. Oh, just to imagine finishing work on the patio is a joy I will continue to treasure (rather than a plausible outcome that might realistically eventuate). Meagie did manage to knock together a splendid replacement set of banisters for the back step, so there will be fewer opportunities for injury whilst taking out the garbage in future. Not only that, she’s placed architraves around the door, for extra weather protection and to make them look just a little bit less perfunctory and horrible. She’s a bit handy with the power tools, so she is!

Just in the last week we’ve also hosted three dinner parties in Meagie’s honour, each of which involved a full day’s preparation and most of the following morning in cleanup. Well worth it though – last night’s entree of parsnip soup with burnt butter was followed by a pork belly drizzled in a caramelised vinegar sauce and home made banana ice cream on meringue with a passionfruit syrup topping. And somewhere in the vicinity of six bottles of booze. A good night? Oh yes.

Meagie’s off back home tomorrow and Fiona’s back at work, so I should be back to the normal routine imminently. Save your awkward questions about creative writing until later, please…

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