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December 20, 2009

My white whale is kind of orange

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I spent most of the weekend up a ladder with Jimbo to get it done, but the patio now has its roof back, for the first time in over a year. Shiny-nail-new Laserlite sheeting, freshly painted beams and about seven dozen ultra-expensive rubber-topped screws, and roughly ten hours in the baking hot sun were all it took to finish the job.

Well, not finish it, exactly – there’s still the house to paint, not to mention the walls, the garage beams, the banisters, the cement and maybe the gate, and a garden to plant and a climbing frame to screw in place, and maybe some lights to have installed – but…the hard bit’s done. At least most of the rest of the job we can do under the shade!

I am knackered. It’s late. I’m dehydrated and probably sunburned. Damn, but it’s a good feeling.

December 17, 2009

Unexpected mental deficiency

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I probably should have anticipated that – after 13 months of not reading policy papers full of public service and development program jargon – my reading comprehension might be slightly below its best. But since yesterday I have read and reread one particular paper that should have brought me more or less completely up to date on what I’ve missed during my absence. I still have no idea what it’s about.

It’s a curious sensation rather akin to suddenly discovering that, while chopsticks present no challenge whatsoever, one has forgotten how to steer a fork. I know that I used to be able to do it with thoughtless ease, and that I can do similar things without conscious effort, but right at this moment I have no idea how it’s done.  It’s not helped at all by the realisation that the last year seems to have seen the invention of several new units of industry jargon that actually are complete gibberish until I can put them in context.

It will come back to me with practise, I have no doubt, but for now it seems this one particular skill has completely dropped off my character sheet. Emotional state: disconcerted.

December 16, 2009

My work here is (not) done

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Just a quick note whilst finishing up my first day back at work after a 13-month child minding hiatus. Nothing here has changed, other than a couple of the faces. I’ve had a breezy first day of staying indoors because it’s gaspingly summery outside (like 35 degrees or something revolting), reading policy docs and getting my phone put back on and my ID card reissued. Heady stuff, as you can imagine.

I’m on three days a week, with my Mondays and Tuesdays set aside for Joey-wrangling (which will include the zoo as soon as this horrible feral weather breaks a bit). So far it’s not too much of a shock to the system. In fact in most respects it doesn’t really feel like I’ve gone anywhere. It’s only a few subtle little things that seem mildly incongruous, like the fact that my neck hurts because I’m in an uncomfortable chair and my desk isn’t at the right height yet, or the fact that the intranet homepage is using a slightly different font.

The work itself will be much the same as the work I was doing when I left, so on the surface it’s almost a seamless transition back into the job. and only doing it part-time will probably make it a lot more bearable than it has occasionally been in the past. So I’m optimistic that 2010 (aka The Future!) will be a relatively cruisey year, health permitting.

I’m working on a big Xmas letter in lieu of actually individually catching up with everyone I have failed to chat with or write to for the last few…well, years, if I tell the truth. I do plan to actually get it out before the end of next week, so if you haven’t heard from me by the feel free to lodge a firmly-worded complaint (and make sure you send me your contact details).

Home time.

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