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June 24, 2010

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Okay apart from a lot of comics and a bigger games library than I can ever hope to play through, I don’t really own that many accouterments of the Advanced Geek Lifestyle.

But a Dharma Initiative-themed alarm clock that requires you to enter the Numbers on waking? That’s a special flavour of awesome.*

* That, admittedly, my wife will never allow me to use. And rightly so.

What a morning!

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Just finished watching a raincoat-wearing Governor General swear Julia Gillard in as Australia’s historical first ginger-nutted Prime Minister*. KRudd was about as gracious in defeat as was probably possible under the circumstances – not contesting the leadership when he was outvoted at least two to one displayed more class than I gave him credit for – and I can’t help feel that if he had actually bothered at any time prior to this point to mention any of the numerous small achievements of his Government that he itemised in his farewell press conference, his popularity might not have died so comprehensively in the past six weeks.

(As I type, the Mad Monk is making the predictable observation that Labor has changed its leader but not its policies. That might come back to bite him – as far as I could tell, it wasn’t primarily Labor’s policies that people have had a problem with, but the fact that Rudd tended to abandon tough jobs. Gillard doesn’t (yet) suffer from association with the failures of character, though there must surely be some collateral damage from the failed policies. To give Abbott some credit though, he’s not visibly shaking with sweat at the news that his shot at the PM’s job just took a sharp left to the teeth.)

(Ooh, for extra credit, Abbott just called Rudd’s dumping as an “ugly assassination”. He’s the expert, I guess. His press conference was pretty churlish overall and he lost his shit when he started blathering about how bad the mining tax is. I boldly predict that the clumsy latter half of his interview will not be lauded on his website as a “carefully scripted remark”.)

After an hour on the treadmill before breakfast this morning – during which time I watched the Socceroos playing a rare decent half of football – I’m feeling pretty good. I’m determined to get back down to a non-lumpy shape by the time of Ev’s wedding in October. Too much lately I’ve lacked focus and concentration, gotten sick a lot, tired easily and yet been unable to sleep. That’s probably down to very ordinary levels of physical fitness, so it’s time that ended.

* Factoid unconfirmed. Hopefully Gillard will turn out to be historic for some other reason as well.

June 16, 2010

Long night in wait

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Aw, nuts. Being a Burning Wheel HQ fanboy, I’m always excited to see what they’ll bring out for their so-called Secret Summer Surprise (an annual pre-US convention season event in which they announce some hitherto unhinted-at product). This year’s surprise is the not-entirely-unanticipated Adventure Burner for Burning Wheel, the prospect of which fills me with an unhealthy nerdish glee. If I preorder, I can get not only a signed copy of the AB but also a sweet Burning Wheel themed T-shirt (to go with the two I already have…ahem).

The problem: a) the preorder is limited to 200 copies, b) they tend to sell out pretty quickly; c) it goes on sale at midday on the 16th June, New York time, which is 2 am on the 17th here. In other words, if I want to make sure I get a copy – and I do, fervently – I need to stay up half the night.

So, the list of things that I will attempt to accomplish between now and then includes:

  • Complete the May monthly accounts: at least 2 or 3 more hours of work, what with having to cross reference credit card and bank statements and make sure everything balances. I don’t know about most people but I rate late night home accountancy as slightly more fun than deliberate self-harm.
  • Keep one eye on the State of Origin: I never find rugby league all that compelling – same goes for any other code of football for that matter – but the annual clash between Queensland and New South Wales commands my attention through equal parts lingering cane toad parochial loyalty and force of habit. I’d actually watch the match to the exclusion of other activities if HG Nelson and Rampaging Roy Slaven were still doing commentary, but the Channel Nine knuckle draggers give me the shits, so I daresay Origin II will not be my highest priority.
  • The Lost essay: I haven’t completely given up on it. I daresay I could spend a bit of time on that
  • Game writeup: My The Emperor Must Die! Burning Wheel campaign has been running for about 14 months now. More big events took place in the last session, possibly pointing towards a dramatic and earth-shattering conclusion to the campaign. I still need to write that up. Probably three quarters of an hour’s worth of typing there.
  • Noodling with my new phone: After the weekend demise of my old Motorola’s speaker on the weekend, I went out and “upgraded” my mobile a couple of hours ago. Pretty happy with it so far, despite its obvious drawbacks, such as being (a) technologically three years out of date and (b) not an iPhone. Exciting new (to me) features of the Nokia 6330 include colour display, vastly expanded memory (almost 1 gig!), camera, the ability to install non-irritating ringtones and – oh dear – internet access (though spectacularly limited, which is no doubt a good thing). It’s still pretty much the bottom end of the mobile telephony totem pole, though I should at least be able to get at my gmail account if I need to. The rest of the features I will have to puzzle out as I go.

Some of that seems like useful stuff to do. Tomorrow I will be grumpy and tired, but triumphant.

June 10, 2010

Holding pattern

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That Lost essay, for want of a better word, is kicking my arse. I seems to have forgotten the basics of organising thoughts and explaining them clearly – although arguably I’ve never possessed that ability in measurable quantities. The fact that I have preferred the slaughter of extraterrestrial life and the munificent subjugation of tropical paradises (i.e. Half-Life 2 and Tropico 3) over hammering away at a keyboard. Those video games, they’ll be the death of Western culture, you mark my words. Well, unless Facebook’s already beaten it to the punch. I guess we’ll have to wait for awards season to roll around again.

In the meantime, Fi remains unwell. Her cold’s now into its third (or is it fourth?) unwelcome week. Its severity ebbs and flows, but it never quite recedes enough for her to risk going to work nor gets quite bad enough to make antibiotics worthwhile. Joey and I have more or less recovered from ours, but it was a household of pestilence there for a good couple of weeks.

Everything’s in a bit of a holding pattern right at the moment. Winter’s settling in, which means that staying at home is an even more attractive option than usual. The Joey’s oscillating between extreme precociousness and ratty defiance, which is alternately endearing and exhausting. Non-online gaming has been patchier than my sleep patterns, and neither have been quite frequent enough to be completely nourishing. Work’s not boring, but the only time it’s stimulating is when everything’s going to pieces. Exercise and writing, either or both of which are effective treatments for general malaise, are getting the short end of the stick.

Hmm, do I detect middle age drawing implacably nigh?

Tsk. Might be time to do something wacky.

June 4, 2010

What a day

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I actually got to act out my ideal fantasy day today.

Not that fantasy, you perv – the other one, where I took a day off work, dropped the Joey off at childcare, went to a couple of appointments, and then spent the rest of the day drinking coffee and writing. Okay, yes, there was also a small amount of web-surfing (although some of it was for research, I swear), but otherwise it was a near-perfect example of what I would like to be doing with my retirement, whensoever that comes to pass.

Nothing to show for the writing yet, by the way – I did a tiny bit of fiction that has yet to demonstrate that it will go anywhere (it’s not even up to a ‘drop it in as blog content’ standard yet). However most of the day went to a very long and still incomplete postmortem of  Lost. I’m hashing out whether or not I found the ending satisfying, which I am sure will prove an edifying read for an internet starved of opinions on the finale of Lost.

In other news, I have short hair again, and the Vitamin D survey has wrapped up with the unsurprising news that I am still mildly overweight and have a below-average grip strength. I blame a total lack of exercise for the past six months…

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