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November 2, 2010

A touch more progress

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Just finished another session of FreeMarket, in which our heroes the Terrorfactory MRCZ [1] – “Opening the minds of Freemers [2] to the art of terror and the terror of art” – designed and built a replicator that would turn itself into something else and ended up with a device that’s detached from reality, and were contracted by the Bowie-descended father/designer of two of them to help him devise a way to scare kids away from his performances. It’s a somewhat surreal game, but it provides some very entertaining gameplay. I highly recommend it (and if you follow that link you’ll get a slightly better sense of what the game’s about  than I have so far conveyed), especially for groups that hate prep and love improvising mad strangeness.

That will be my last roleplaying session for the forseeable future. The Wombat arrives in a few days, after which the house will go into what we shall euphemistically call “a brief transitional phase”.

Speaking of the Wombat, I have been reminded that there was a prior claim to her Lexifab handle. Which is to say that my brother Jimbo has been campaigning for us to call the baby Zod for some time now. In upholding his sound claim, I hereby note for the record that the Wombat may also be referred to herein as Zod, Zod the Wombat or the Zodbat. The Joey will remain the Joey, however. He’s no Zod.

To keep the writing tally going, I got about 400 words of text and a page or so of notes done on the *other* triffid story, so it’s creeping closer to completion. I want to get the first one done before Friday, though, so it will be my priority tomorrow. I think that I can finish it tomorrow and then do a rewrite on Thursday that will knock into finished shape (since I have no intention of selling a story with someone else’s IP in it, I’ll probably put it up here or at least link to it from here).

1 – A Multi-regional Cultural Zone (MRCZ) or “Mercy” is basically a group on FreeMarket set up to achieve a particular goal. In the case of Terrorfactory the specifics of their intent are a little unformed at this stage.

2 – Residents of FreeMarkets, in case that’s not obvious.



  1. Zod doesn’t seem like a very good name for a little girl to me. The poor child will grow up resenting the offending uncle, not to mention the dad that said, “Sure, go ahead, call my little princess Zodbat”. You Versace’s have too much exposure to boys and a great deal to learn about the little girls who will wrap you around their little fingers and spend all your money, especially if you give them such easy opportunities to play on your guilt.

    Comment by kylie parigi — November 3, 2010 @ 12:08 pm

  2. In my defense:

    1) the nickname is for the purposes of this blog only, where I don’t want to use the real names of my kids or nephews (although a determined search would probably produce a slipup here or there) because I have a healthy suspicion of webspiders trawling for personal information and I don’t want to make it easy for them. Joey has never actually been called Joey to his face. When they are old enough to read this blog and complain, they’ll probably be old enough for the online identity talk…

    2) It was Fiona who reminded me about the Zod name, which after all is probably no worse for the esteem than Wombat would be.

    You’re undoubtedly right about the daughter thing, though. I’m an easy mark no matter what happens. I plan to counter her wiles by not having any money to surrender!

    Comment by lexifab — November 3, 2010 @ 4:14 pm

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