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March 11, 2011

On gratitude towards Fridays

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Ah Friday-before-the-long-weekend, thank you for existing. I need a bit of a rest.

Just got out of a meeting for which I’ve been preparing for two weeks. Considering my microscopic meeting-management skills and a woeful lack of confidence in my own subject matter expertise, it went pretty well. I only forgot one person’s name, which is pretty good for me. Ahem.

I’ve been kind of burning the candle at both ends all week – working all day then hitting the keyboard as soon as the kids are asleep to ramp up the word counts. Bedtime is post-midnight every night, which would not be so bad if the Joey didn’t wake up at 6:30 am with metronomic precision every morning. I’m hoping he can cut me some slack and let me sleep in on Saturday, but my breath will not be held.

Baking appears to be off this weekend, after the oven exploded yesterday. I didn’t see it, but I heard the loud whump as something vital blew up. Apparent there was a not-insignificant ball of plasma involved. How Jimbo managed to avoid getting burned when he was standing right in front of it is a bit of a mystery. Maybe he is out of phase with this universe.

We aren’t having all that good a run at the moment with our heavy household appliances. We replaced the heater a couple of weeks ago. That was three grand. And now this. Ouch. Lucky I’m not superstitious or I’ d be worried that these sorts of things come in threes. Or, wait – am I just not superstitious enough?

My goals for the weekend are to play with the kids, visit friends, catch up on two months of household accountancy, play some D&D, write a few thousand words on various topics and edit a few thousand others, and hopefully, help some other friends move house. And get some rest…ah, yeah, maybe that one will have to slip.

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