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April 12, 2011

Backlogs will kill you if you let them

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There was no Lost review yesterday because I didn’t get a chance to sit down at the computer until about twenty to twelve at night. That’s no time to be doing an editing read-through of anything, believe me. I’ll get it out there tonight or tomorrow and resume the standard Friday-Monday release schedule later.

It’s nice to have built up a buffer of spare reviews so that I can actually absorb the odd busy period, but I am suddenly awfully conscious that a twice-weekly schedule does not leave a lot of slack. I might try to do two reviews in my next writing stint.

I have just spent all day at work doing forensic accounting on a contract to work out why and how errors crept in. When it comes to tracking down mistakes in a spreadsheet I am usually very reluctant to start, precisely because I know that once I do I won’t be able to let it go until I have either found the erroneous data, missing money or procedural misstep. Until I have convinced myself that I can reconstruct the exact chain of events that led to the initial mistake and consequent problems, I keep going.

I am by nature an accountant. Or possibly one of those small dogs that will not stop until every particle of newspaper has been shredded into its smallest possible fragment (and dispersed over the widest possible area, not unlike my paper-strewn desk).

The thing is, even though I’m well-suited to this kind of work in one respect – let’s charitably call this quality tenacity rather than resort to slinging around mental health conditions like OCD as epithets – it sits very uncomfortably next to my bad temper and paper-thin tolerance for frustration. The longer I go without working things out, the more I get cross and irritable and the louder I spew invectives. And correspondingly the less likely it becomes that I will take a break and a deep breath before I return to the problem.

Fortunately for me and everyone around me I am not an actual accountant. Because if I had to do this kind of tedious number-crunching bullshit every day I would go stark-staring mad and commence murdering.

(All this reminds me that I have a backlog of monthly property investment accounts to catch up on. I am taking the day off work on Friday so that I can attend to them, thus nicely bookending my working week with the unremitting tedium of bookkeeping. Yay).

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