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October 6, 2011

Back to Back to the Island

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Take this week’s neglect of blog updates as a good sign. The novel is proceeding, even if still not quite at the breakneck pace I’m hoping I will achieve eventually. I’ve given myself a motivational deadline of Xmas to get the first draft done. At this rate I won’t get there, but I suspect that if I continue to plug away at it my current rate of 500 words a day will start to improve. I just need to carve some mental grooves out first.

So in order to sabotage that aspiration before I have a chance to lock it in place, I’m also resuming the Lost reviews. I’ve watched the first three episodes of Season Two, which reminded me that there’s a lot to like in it, so since I’m doing that I have convinced myself that I should do the reviews while I’m at it. As I mentioned earlier I plan to use a different format for the reviews of this series, including making them much shorter. I hope to maintain the high standards of snark that you will have come to expect with regards to Jack’s ego, Shannon’s uselessness and Sawyer’s shirts. I’ll post the review of the first episode shortly.

Oh, Fi and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary yesterday. We had a rare evening out and enjoyed delicious food, excellent wine (well, not the riesling, but what can you expect?) and each other’s amiably sleepy company. We only had to take time out once to make a phone call to an anxious child. The Joey was still waiting for his goodnight kiss from a neglectful father, who was both suitably ashamed and overcome with the cute of it.

Simon’s birthday tomorrow. He’ll be 42, which as we all know is the greatest of all possible ages.

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