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November 29, 2011

The blood of the Clan is strong

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I’m just dropping a quick note to congratulate my big little brother Gazza and his beaming better half Sonia on the arrival at 11:22 pm last night of their third wee bairn (and first little girl). Little X, who is so fresh and new that I haven’t even thought of a good blogname for her, weighed over 4 kilos and measures 53 cm. All are happy and well!

We’re very pleased that they managed a girl this time, so that our baby Wombat will have a girl cousin growing up. What few nephews and nieces that Fi has are all much older than our kids, or will never exist due to various circumstances of biology and temperament, so in terms of boisterous in-family companions for Joey and Wombat, this was pretty much the last chance for another girl. Chances are that that is it for this generation of Versaces, so the headcount now stands at three boys and two girls. A good haul!

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