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December 19, 2011

State of the blog: Lex in Decs

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I have no idea what that title means. Let’s pretend that never happened.

The past couple of weeks have been quiet, at least from the external point of view. From where I’m sitting it’s been a bit more frenetic than that. The Joey turned four last weekend, for which there was a party to prepare, on top of the usual routine. That was exhausting, but it went well. The rain paused long enough for us to wrangle eight or so kids through some games, a sausage sizzle and some cake, and then we all got out of there before the drenching could begin. We counted it as a success that the only kid to fall off something and hurt themselves was the Joey himself (he was fine).

I’ve taken a week off from writing the novel in the evenings – and I think I’ll take another this week. It’s going to blow my chances of finishing it before the end of the year out of the water, but there’s a couple of good reasons why it’s necessary. First of all, Xmas. It’s kind of a time hog. Doubly so, I suspect, on whatever evening this week I decide to gird my loins and teach myself the ancient parental duty of assembling a bike. But this week there will also be wrapping, cooking and packing for a whirlwind post-Xmas road trip to do.

Second – and this one is the real time hog – I am five months behind on my property investment monthly accounts. On average, it takes me about one whole day per month to reconcile the accounts against income and expenditure statements, classify bank transactions as property-related for tax purposes, and update various records and spreadsheets. It’s laborious and very easy to neglect. Having decided that I really can’t afford to neglect it any more than I already have, something else has had to give.

Third, there’s the novel itself. It’s not quite working. The characters are not quite gelling with the situation, so I am in the annoying position of not knowing what should happen next. The outline I prepared earlier is no help, since I’ve discovered that it either no longer makes sense, having not survived contact with the rigours of expansion, or it was simply illogical gibberish to start with. Most likely it’s both. I know that the only viable solution is to write through the roadblocks to hammer out something quick and dirty. It won’t hang together. It probably won’t actually make any sense at all. But I hope that it will give me all the pieces I need to build the (for want of a better world) ‘right’ version of the story in the next draft. But a couple of weeks away from fretting about it probably won’t hurt the eventual product. Well, no more so than its premise, at any rate…


  1. I am in the annoying position of not knowing what should happen next

    This is called “being alive”. You’ll get used to it 😉

    Comment by The Once and Future Dr Clam — December 19, 2011 @ 4:46 pm

  2. Bah. OVERRATED!

    Comment by Lexifab — December 19, 2011 @ 7:34 pm

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