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May 15, 2012

Here comes the uppercut, right to the sinuses

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Okay, this isn’t a health complaint. Not really. Not when I have a friend who has been diagnosed with diabetes in the last few days. That’s something worth complaining about.

But seriously, did I really need to get a body-trashing, head-stuffing cold so soon after the bronchitis (which might possibly have been a side effect of undiagnosed whooping cough?).

Yeah, no I didn’t need that.

It’s halfway through the month and so far I haven’t finished any of the things I said I wanted to. I have made progress on the novel re-outline (Outline 1, let’s call it) and the cyclone short story is about half-done. The only significant personal accomplishment was to catch up on all the Marvel superhero movies that precede The Avengers, so that now I can watch The Avengers just a few short weeks after everyone else did 🙂

Oops, looks like I have a meeting I forgot about. To work!

EDIT: According to the admin dashboard, the second post after this one will be the 500th Lexifabricographer entry [1]. I should think about doing something special. Hint – it will probably be an otherwise unpublishable short story.


[1] To clarify – the 500th since the original version was buggered up by Blogger and Andrew replaced it with this bland but far more functional WordPress version. [2]

[2] One of these days I must learn how to dress up the display so it looks a little less like the UI of a text editor.[3]

[3] Something to add to my indistinguishable-from-infinite list of distractions from writing.



  1. Will it be unpublishable because it contains very very thinly veiled references to a certain prominent member of the House of Lords and his, ahem, congress with the Unnameable One from the Dark-Places-where-the-Zghoth-Dare-Not-Go? Here’s hoping!

    Comment by The Once and Future Dr Clam — May 16, 2012 @ 3:31 pm

  2. I wondered why you were looking into UK libel laws. I didn’t like to ask…

    (Not really, sorry. I would read that though!)

    Comment by lexifab — May 16, 2012 @ 4:19 pm

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