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June 1, 2012

Review – Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig

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Despite never having quite managed to run a successful campaign of Evil Hat Productions’ pulp-action tabletop RPG Spirit of the Century, I’m a big fan of the somewhat deranged setting that coalesces around its focal heroes of the Century Club. You know the sort of stuff – talking apes bent on conquest, Atlantean science-magic, international intrigue, heroes in jetpacks, sorcerors, ray guns, megalomaniacs monologuing all over the place and the obligatory airships which may or may not be on fire at any given time.

As the flagship of the Kickstarter-funded SotC line of novels, Chuck Wendig’s Dinocalypse Now manages to include nearly everything on the list above and throws in psychic time-travelling dinosaurs. Yes, really. If you are anything like me, you won’t even have read to the end of that list of ingredients before slapping your money down.

The action is dynamic. The pace is breathless. The heroes find themselves in ever-greater peril. But Dinocalypse Now is more than a kitchen sink of pulp clichés. It’s an ensemble piece that manages to find the time – amidst the explosions, crashes and pterodactyl attacks, all of which are basically constant – to flesh out all seven heroes and two villains. The rare pauses in the headlong action are replete with solid moments of human drama – self-doubt, unrequited love, jealousy. All good juicy stuff, though none of it is ever so overwrought that it gets in the way of the next aerial dogfight.

Dinocalypse Now leaves nothing on the table. It is jam-packed with adventure – all of it comfortably safe for teenagers and probably even younger kids, as long as they can sit through Tintin without crying or falling asleep. And yet somehow this is just the first book in the Dinocalypse trilogy. I look forward to seeing how Wendig will top the fierce pace and relentless fun of this outing.

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