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September 25, 2012

Does not meet requirements

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I am back at work after two weeks off (hence the quiet hereabouts). I can happily report that the Margaret River wine growing area of Western Australia is a serene delight and that all the WA friends we caught up with are perfectly lovely.

I have nothing quite so positive to say about returning to my day job, so perhaps it’s better to leave that subject alone. It would not reflect well on the spirit of the project that I am planning for next month.

Specifically, October 2012 will be the Month of Relentless Positivity here at Lexifabricographer. That’s right, in celebration of ten years of happy marriage, a healthy and loving family, a largely rewarding job and a not-always-infuriating writing hobby, the Month of Relentless Positivity will feature daily blogs focusing on things I think should be celebrated.

(It is not unfair to ask whether there are, in fact, as many as 31 things about which I am capable of writing something upbeat. We will see. I consider it a challenge to my journalistic instincts).

The first few entries shouldn’t be too hard – I read a lot of good books and drank some awfully good wines while I was on holidays, so expects some recommendations from that direction. And this weekend I will be attending the Conflux 8 speculative-fiction convention here in Canberra. I’ll even be on a panel (my first panel ever,¬†which is to say my first exposure to a convention panel of any kind will be as a participant – yikes!)

Topic suggestions will be thoughtfully entertained, especially around the 10th or so when I run out of ideas.

September 4, 2012

Books of 2012 – August

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It is spring already. How in the hell is it spring already?

It seemed like Canberra’s winter this year was especially bitter. Maybe that’s because I spent much less time outside than I am accustomed to. Gearing up two kids to venture out into the freezing wilds is an order of magnitude harder than it is for one, especially when the expeditions tend to last less time than the preparations, so all else being equal we were just as likely to remain indoors this season. Plus it was, like, *super*-cold most of the time.

I haven’t checked my pedometer stats yet, but I would be surprised if my step count for the entire season was not way down on the nearly 14000-step days I had been achieving in the warmer months. I know that I didn’t make up any shortfall on the treadmill. I daresay if I monitored my weight more closely I’d have a second data point confirming a significant increase in slackness.

That had corresponded with a pretty drastic fall in my word count in all areas – novel, short fiction, reviews, blogging. I do most of my writing in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed. Throughout winter my energy level after about 8:30 pm could typically be rated somewhere between “just finished a marathon” and “just had a mild cardiac episode”. Stupid long cold nights. At the end of the year I am totally going to graph my step count and word counts against the daily maximum temperature, just to see how closely the correlate. Unless that turns out to be too hard to do, of course.

Anyway, while I wasn’t getting much work done or exercising properly, I apparently did have enough energy out there to do some reading:


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