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October 10, 2012

MRP Day 10 – Robot!

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Just a quick one tonight because I want to do some fiction writing. I submitted a short story (at literally the last minute) to the Conflux 8 short story competition back at the end of June. Now that the convention is done and dusted – and my little story was overlooked for several much funnier and cleverer works – I am free to have another bash at it. That’s a relief really, because I knew even at the time that it was half-baked at best, even though at the time I couldn’t figure out anything that I could do to make it better. Over the weekend it suddenly occurred to me what the actual story was that went with my characters and setting, so it’s time for another draft.

But that anecdote, like the story itself, has absolutely nothing to do with the today’s Month of Relentless Positivity subject – robots! I know, I know, yesterday’s entry was also about a robot, but the crucial difference is that this is about a non-fictional one.

As I type this, a brand-spanking-new LG Roboking automatic bagless “aspirator robot” [1] is trundling around near my feet sucking up vast quantities of dirt and grime from the dining room floor.

After our floor was replaced a couple of years ago by insurance-company-approved cheapest-common-denominator floating floorboards, our dining room and kitchen floors have looked pretty crap. Pretty much every speck of dirt is far more visible than it was with the original flooring (which was destroyed by seepage from a leaking pipe). Being houseproud types [2] Fiona and I have spent a lot more time on remedial vacuuming since then just to keep the place from looking like a bomb site. Having two kids has not exactly lessened the load.

So following a recommendation from a friend who uses a similar device and her usual metric truckload of research (which included the obligatory review of Youtube videos of cats riding around on vacuum robots), Fiona selected the Roboking and ordered it online.

Two word review: IT ROCKS! Slightly longer review: Aside from the novelty of it bustling about whirring happily to itself as it thumps into chairs, walls and feet, it does seem to be doing a good job of cleaning the place up. So far it has fallen slightly afoul of the tassled ends of scarves hanging from the coat rack, and it unsurprisingly fails at climbing over the top of power cords, shoes and plush toys – but hey! Vacuum robot! VACUUM ROBOT!

Now I’m going to have heaps more time on the weekend to get the washing and mowing done!

[1] Ours was considerably cheaper than the one advertised on that linked page, by the way. Shop around – that’s what the internet’s for, right?

[2] More accurately, one of us is houseproud, and the other is married to her.


  1. Has your wife named it yet? All the women at work who have one (and think they are amazing) have named theirs. Interestingly, they all have boys names.

    Comment by Jenny — October 11, 2012 @ 9:58 am

  2. A number of names are being considered and trialled by the whole family. “GlaDOS” was rejected as being a little too creepy even though its artificial voice bears more thana passing resemblance to the antagonist from the Portal games. “Robbie” is a (dull, IMHO) possibility. As it’s a Roboking, Jimbo mostly just calls it “my liege” or “your majesty” (“Can I get that chair out of your way, your Majesty?”)

    I’m just settling for “robot” myself, until something else sticks.

    Comment by Lexifab — October 11, 2012 @ 11:48 am

  3. Since its a king, Perhaps Roy (short for Royal) or Rex are good names. And Rex could be sort of dog like.

    Comment by Jenny — October 14, 2012 @ 9:51 pm

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