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October 19, 2012

MRP Day 19 – Lifehacking

I have work to do including a novel to outline and my tummy is full of Margaret River Shiraz and spaghetti bolognaise [1]. Under the circumstances, I think you will agree that the less time I spend blogging tonight the better. But in lieu of my usual dubious and maddeningly scant commentary, I will point you to a Tumblr link that I came across today (likely via BoingBoing, but I really don’t remember.

This is a list of 99 clever little tricks for making a selection of almost-inconsequential first world problems go away. Some of them are likely things that you already do – I suspect that everyone knows the one about the last little sliver of soap, and after nearly five years of kids, unknotting a plastic bag is now an automatic reflex for me – but some of them are downright ingenious. I cannot imagine a circumstance in which, for example, I would have thought of using a hotel television USB input as a charge point for a mobile device, and yet its utility is blindingly obvious once it has been pointed out. And I kind of love his obsession with keeping power and data cables in order. [2]

Scanning this list today gave me a genuine pang of joy. Not all of it, obviously, but enough of it. I love watching problems solved with sparkling ingenuity (probably because it’s a quality I never expect to experience directly).

So, what’s your favourite?

[1] Oh no, I drank all the Shiraz, which was a Leeuwin Estate Siblings 2009. I highly recommend it – full of soft berry flavours and no heavy tannins. Plus it goes great in a bolognese sauce.

[2] I am pretty sure I am going to use the one with the toilet rolls.


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