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October 3, 2012

MRP Day 2 – War Rocket Ajax

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The War Rocket Ajax podcast is a weekly roundup of comics and pop culture news sponsored by the Comics Alliance website [1]. Presented by Chris Sims (the self-declared world’s leading Batmanologist, a claim supported by his almost inhuman command of Batman-related trivia) and Matt Wilson (co-author – with King Oblivion, PhD – of the recent Supervillain’s Handbook, which is still on my to-read list), WRA is a terrific hour-plus show that centres around the week’s comics industry news and an extended interview, typically but not always with an artist or writer.

Sims and Wilson clearly have a great time making the show and their sense of fun is infectious. Their interviews are cheerful and friendly, often hilarious, but they are solid interviewers who ask well-researched and thoughtful questions. I suspect their gift for putting their guests at ease leads to far more insightful and personal discussions than most interviewers manage.

Apart from comics, common subjects include Midwestern barbecue (which I am given to understand in this context refers only to pork-based dishes), wrestling (a subject that they manage to make sound compelling despite my lifelong disinterest) and playing computer games from three years ago. Hey, I mostly only play video games from three years ago too!

So today’s cheerful thumbs up goes to War Rocket Ajax, a show about how great comics are that doesn’t shy away from making jokes about how bad they can be as well. If you’re interested enough to listen to a couple of episodes, I recommend that after that you go back and listen to last year’s Christmas special, in which Sims, Wilson and guest stars Adam Warrock and Matt Fraction review the Insane Clown Posse’s horrible, horrible Christmas-themed album. It’s rough going at a little over two hours – but I honestly spent nearly the whole time I was listening to it doubled over with laughter. It’s a very bad album, and they have a very good time with it. Highly, heartily recommended.


[1] Comics Alliance is my preferred venue for comics news. They have a consistent editorial policy of celebrating the fun and the cool in comics, while calling out the less salubrious elements of the culture. Plus they actually make a point of highlighting cool independent, small-press comics, some of which I will get to in this month.

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