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October 23, 2012

MRP Day 21 – Blood donation

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You know what? I really, really enjoy donating blood to the Red Cross. I like that there is something that I can do that costs me a little time every month or two, and a small amount of discomfort, which actually helps people to not die. Because I like the idea that there might be people out there who are not dead because I could find some time to lie down, read a book and drink a chocolate milkshake once in a while. I mean, as opportunities to exercise commitment to civic wellbeing, it sets a pretty low bar.

A few years ago I went from whole blood donations to plasma, and then after that to platelets. The latter two take considerably longer, but are usable in a far broader set of circumstances. On balance I think that makes it worth the extra time.

Now true, because I work in a government job there is very little impediment to me taking time out of the workday to swan off and get dracula’ed. For one thing moments of my¬†indispensibility are few and far between, but more pertinently Commonwealth public servants – Canberra ones, at least¬†– are actively encouraged to bleed for the cause. Perhaps they think we won’t get all uppity about public debasement of our work if we’re dizzy from bloodloss?

Anyway, check out this Red Cross promo animation on the blood donor program and sign up for a donation today [1]


[1] Unless you are pregnant, have had dental work or tattoos, have been locked up in prison or consorted with prostitutes or exposed to Mad Cow Disease or you’re scared of needles, hospitals or blood. They probably won’t ask you to hang around if you tick any of those boxes.

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  1. I throw up at about 50ml in…even if I’m not looking. Then they stop taking my blood and take the bag away and throw it out..because there’s not enough…and have to clean up after me. I have a very, very sensitive internal response to the blood loss. I’ve given up wasting my time and theirs (and who wants to clean up vomit), so its a good thing there’s lots of people who don’t have that response. You go!

    Comment by Jenny — October 25, 2012 @ 11:17 pm

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