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October 31, 2012

MRP Day 30 – New Star Wars (A cautious woohoo!)

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Twitter is alive this morning with the horrific groans of an internet-stopping nerdgasm [1] with the news that Disney has paid something like four billion bucks to prise the mouldering corpses of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises out of George Lucas’ gold-plated fingers.

Despite the prequel trilogy – about which I will say nothing because this is the Month of Relentless Positivity and I have almost nothing positive to say about them – I am still more or less a Star Wars fan, in theory if not in practise. Back when bubble gum cards were a thing, I remember my brothers and I collecting the first Topps The Empire Strikes Back series with passionate intensity. I think between us we managed to complete one set, but we must have had about thirty of that one card showing Luke in the bacta tank. Star Wars was never my top fandom (that would be Doctor Who) and over the years it has slipped below Star Trek (or at least some of Star Trek), Babylon 5  and other mass-culture fictional universes in terms of my enthusiasm.

That said, there are obviously good stories that can be told in the setting – The Knights of the Old Republic games are great (well, I didn’t play the MMO, but I heard good things about the storylines), and I’ve enjoyed the few episodes of the Clone Wars animated series that I’ve watched, even though it focuses on characters from the prequels. I have been waiting with cautious optimism for the live action television series that has been in production for the past couple of years [2].

I’m primed, in other words, for there to be new Star Wars – as long as it’s good. And as John Scalzi points out, putting the setting into the hands of the rapacious Disney entertainment megaglomerate might not seem like a great fit for creative freedom, but both Pixar and Marvel have gone from strength to strength since being added to the Empire of the Mouse.

So I’m hopeful we can look forward to the usual cutting-edge visual design that has always been a hallmark of the Star Wars movies (even the prequels) being placed in the service of good storytelling (which was only ever a hallmark of Empire, and arguably Star Wars [3]). At the very least, I hope they will make films that I would be happy to show to my kids before they are teenagers, unlike the prequels. We will see soon enough though. The first new movie – Episode 7, apparently – is scheduled for release in 2015, with two more sequels by the end of the decade.

Then again, perhaps more interesting is that the Disney-Lucas deal includes the LucasArts games properties, which means in theory we might also one day see Monkey Island or Grim Fandango up on the big screen. And that would be hot.


[1] Which unfortunately is drowning out coverage of the post-hurricane recovery on the US east cost and basically everything else that might be happening somewhere on Earth.

[2] Come to think of it, I haven’t heard anything about that for a while. Wonder if this development will kill that project stone dead?

[3] Nobody actually calls it A New Hope, right?


  1. Disney don’t have anything to do with Austin Powers, do they? Because a cranky old Indiana Jones teaming up with Austin Powers for madcap adventures is something I’ve always wanted to see…

    Comment by Dr Clam — October 31, 2012 @ 5:25 pm

  2. That would probably work – especially if you threw Sean Connery and Michael Caine in as the respective dads. I would throw money at that movie until everyone stopped doing their accents (or Harrison Ford exploded from terminally gruff wryness)

    Sadly, Austin Powers is a property of New Line Cinemas, which is a Time Warner sub. Shouldn’t think it’s very likely.

    Comment by lexifab — October 31, 2012 @ 8:19 pm

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