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October 6, 2012

MRP Day 5 – Anniversary

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Well, I only made it four days before missing a deadline, which is probably a record for me. Yay, records! [1]

I didn’t manage to get this Day 5 entry up on the fifth for a very good reason – I was having a good day. Yesterday, the 5th of October 2012, was our tenth wedding anniversary. Ten years ago, Fiona and I got dressed up in shiny frocks and natty suits and threw the best party we’ve ever had. There was cake and dancing and everything!

Since then it’s been quite a bit less glam but no less wonderful. Together we’ve bought houses, demolished and rebuilt all manner of things, eaten great food and cultivated a taste for good wine, travelled the world (well, some very pretty bits of it, anyway) and been fortunate enough to have two smiling, healthy children. Both are, of course, incorrigible ratbags at the moment, but we optimistically expect them to grow out of this phase in two to three decades.

I love being married. I love waking up every day next to the woman I adore. I love wearing my wedding ring on my finger (even though the blue platinum band on it faded about six years ago and probably can’t be restored). I love having someone to make plans with, especially since Fiona happens to be someone who is actually good at planning. I love having someone to talk problems through with [2]. I love having someone whose needs inexplicably include whatever it is I have to offer.

I love you, Fiona [4].


[1] Just so you know, sometimes the positivity is going to seem a little superficial. This is intentional.

[2] Apparently I also love torturing grammar. I think it’s important that I embrace my flaws. [3]

[3] Coveniently this is a lot easier than rewriting.

[4] I also love that you won’t read this for between three and six weeks, when you do your periodic reading catchup on whatever drivel I’ve been spouting at Lexifabricographer.

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