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October 8, 2012

MRP Day 7 – Birthdays and parties

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Another deadline cheerfully whooshed by yesterday, which suggests that if I were really serious about daily blog entries this month it might be a good idea to stock up a few spares in anticipation of busy days. Planning to make plans is something to be celebrated, right?

7 October is Der Simonster’s birthday, so last night instead of ensconsing myself in my writing nook [1], I sat aound with a small handful of friends – it would have been a slightly bigger handful but several regulars were otherwise engaged – chatting, eating cheap and delicious home delivery Chinese food and especially drinking copious amounts of Margaret River plonk. Being the midpoint in a long weekend in school holidays, we’d pretty much hit the wall before anyone arrived, so if you picture a low-key affair and then pump some aerosol tranquilisers into the scene, you would probably have a sense of the energy levels involved. It turns out that alcohol is a relaxant. Who knew?

Apart from the kids, we don’t really do much with our birthdays. I can’t even remember the last time I had any kind of even semi-formal celebration, other than perhaps dinner with Fiona (who was born two days before me). Certainly no parties. So this sort of gathering – whereupon a select few friends lounge about talking about movies and television and music [3] – is a pretty typical of the way we mark notable dates in our circle of friends. It’s very cosy and perhaps a little bit lazy, but it suits our very home-focused lifestyle.

One of these days, we will probably have to stage something that would pass muster as a bash or shindig. My personal lotto fantasy, unrealisable as long as I continue my near-unbroken run of not buying lottery tickets, involves hiring out a large boat and flying all my friends down for a huge days-long party in Sydney Harbour or somewhere like that [4]. There would be a band, and gourmet chefs and… Oh, who am I kidding? We’d probably all play Dungeons and Dragons for a week [5].

Anyway, back to the topic at hand – happy birthday to Simon for yesterday and I am sorry if I dozed off a couple of times! And if you happen to be reading this on your birthday, well – Happy Birthday!


[1] Which is really a large table in a spacious dining room with the laptop in it, but “writing nook” sounds like something a Real Writer [2] would have.

[2] Trolling Dr Clam, come in Dr Clam 🙂

[3] and perhaps even weightier topics, on rare and lamentable occasions.

[4] Actually, if it were one of those lottery wins that make the news, I would relocate the venue to Queenstown in South Island, which has a very picturesque lake and also skiing nearby. Dress accordingly if you see me on the news holding a giant novelty cheque.

[5] While we were not being seasick over the side, of course.


  1. The “writers nook” is the seat on the 80s vintage Sydney train carriages where no-one can sit next to you on the bottom left of the lower deck. 😛

    Comment by The Once and Future Dr Clam — October 9, 2012 @ 7:37 am

  2. Er, that would be “right”, not “left”. (I always get those two things confused, which is why I had to do my driver’s test six times and why I got this medal from the Maoist insurgency.)

    Comment by The Once and Future Dr Clam — October 9, 2012 @ 7:38 am

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